m3 definition

m3 means cubic metre of gas and "10³m³" shall mean 1,000 cubic metres of gas;
m3 means cubic metre;
m3 means cubic metres;

Examples of m3 in a sentence

High levels of Lac3 activ- ity were observed in M1, M3, M4, M6, M7, and M8 media containing high concentrations of YNB w/o AA.

This value is considerably larger than the sum of the covalent radii40 and arises from strong Au−Ga contacts that exist within and between the M3 groups as well as with the Au framework.

The CFD tool FDS appears to be good for simulating the fire scenario with wind effect.Predicted smoke layer heights at M1 to M3 are shown in Figure 4(b).

In spite of their very similar composition, BaAu5Ga2 and SrAu5+yAl2−y represent two alternative ways to arrange the Ba or Sr atoms and M3 groups.

The main server, coxeter, is a six-core IBM x3630 M3 server with 32GB of RAM, and the compute server, sphere, is a twelve-core IBM x3630 M3 server with 64GB of RAM, both running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

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m3 means cubic metre.
m3 means cubic metres.
m3 means cubic metres; “m” means metres; “mm” means millimetres;
m3 means cubic meter.
m3 means when applied to gas that quantity of gas which at fifteen (15) degrees Celsius and at an absolute pressure of one decimal zero one three two five (1.01325) Bar and the gas being free of water vapor, occupies the volume of one (1) cubic meter, being a meter as defined in ISO 1000: 1981(E).
m3 means cubic metre