Oxidized definition

Oxidized means mineralized rock in which some of the original minerals have been oxidized by natural processes.

Examples of Oxidized in a sentence

  • TABLE 605-1 APPLICATION RATES FOR TACK COAT Existing Surface Target Rate (gal/sy) Emulsified Asphalt New Asphalt 0.04 ± 0.01 Oxidized or Milled Asphalt 0.06 ± 0.01 Concrete 0.08 ± 0.01 Apply tack coat at a temperature within the ranges shown in Table 605-2.

  • Any joinery work, which shall split, fracture, shrink or shows flap or other defects shall be removed and replaced with sound material at the contractor’s expenses.Fixtures and fastening :Oxidized iron, brass or aluminum fixtures as specified in item shall be provided in best workmanship, maintain level and line with approved quality and size screws.

  • Dark, Oxidized, Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed: BHMA 613 for bronze base; BHMA 640 for steel base; match Architect's sample.

  • Oxidized phospholipids are proinflammatory and proatherogenic in hypercholesterolaemic mice.

  • Oxidized LDL and malondialdehyde-modified LDL in patients with acute coronary syndromes and stable coronary artery disease.

  • It was noted that the currently available aircraft systems were not designed according to this criteria.

  • Fixtures and fastening : Oxidized iron, brass or aluminum fixtures as specified in item shall be provided in best workmanship, maintain level and line with approved quality and size screws.

  • The Company subsequently distributed all its shares in SCM to its ordinary shareholders through a distribution in specie (Note C4).

  • Oxidized phospholipids on lipoprotein(a) elicit arterial wall inflammation and an inflammatory monocyte response in humans.

  • Standard Test Method for Elemental, Oxidized, Particle-Bound and Total Mercury in Flue Gas Generated from Coal-Fired Stationary Sources (Ontario Hydro Method) (Approved April 10, 2002).

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  • Flue means a passage for conveying the products of combustion from a gas appliance to the external air.

  • Cannabinoid means any of the chemical compounds that are the active constituents of marijuana.

  • Recycled water or “reclaimed water” means treated or recycled waste water of a quality suitable for non-potable uses such as landscape irrigation and water features. This water is not intended for human consumption.

  • Polystyrene foam adhesive means an aerosol adhesive designed to bond polystyrene foam to substrates.

  • Electrostatic spray means a method of applying a spray coating in which opposite electric charges are applied to the substrate and the coating. The coating is attracted to the substrate by the electrostatic potential between them.

  • Polystyrene foam means blown polystyrene and expanded and extruded foams that are thermoplastic petrochemical materials utilizing a styrene monomer and processed by a number of techniques, including, but not limited to, fusion of polymer spheres (expandable bead polystyrene), injection molding, foam molding, and extrusion-blow molding (extruded foam polystyrene).

  • Cannabinoid edible means food or potable liquid into which a cannabinoid concentrate, cannabinoid extract or dried marijuana leaves or flowers have been incorporated.

  • Pyrolysis means the thermal degradation of a substance in the absence of any oxidising agent, which does not form part of the substance itself, to produce char and gas and/or liquid; and

  • Irritant means any substance, other than a corrosive, that on

  • Cyanoacrylate adhesive means any adhesive with a cyanoacrylate content of at least 95% by weight.

  • Corrosion inhibitor means a substance capable of reducing the corrosivity of water toward metal plumbing materials, especially lead and copper, by forming a protective film on the interior surface of those materials.

  • Infiltration means water other than wastewater that enters a sewer system (including sewer system and foundation drains) from the ground through such means as defective pipes, pipe joints, connections, or manholes. Infiltration does not include, and is distinguished from, inflow.

  • Produced water means water extracted from the earth from an oil or natural gas production well, or that is separated from oil or natural gas after extraction.

  • Plasma arc incinerator means any enclosed device using a high intensity electrical discharge or arc as a source of heat followed by an afterburner using controlled flame combustion and which is not listed as an industrial furnace.

  • Biodegradable means degradable through a process by which fungi or bacteria secrete enzymes to convert a complex molecular structure to simple gasses and organic compounds.

  • Biomass means the biodegradable fraction of products, waste and residues from biological origin from agriculture (including vegetal and animal substances), forestry and related industries including fisheries and aquaculture, as well as the biodegradable fraction of industrial and municipal waste;

  • Potable means water suitable for drinking by the public.

  • Cannabinoid concentrate means a substance obtained by separating cannabinoids from marijuana by:

  • Moped means every vehicle that travels on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground

  • Cannabinoid extract means a substance obtained by separating cannabinoids from marijuana by:

  • Blendstock means a fuel component that is either used alone or is blended with one or more other components to produce a finished fuel used in a motor vehicle. A blendstock that is used directly as a transportation fuel in a vehicle is considered a finished fuel.

  • Solids means the nonvolatile portion of the coating that after drying makes up the dry film.

  • Engine degreaser means a cleaning product designed to remove grease, grime, oil and other contaminants from the external surfaces of engines and other mechanical parts.

  • Grease means an organic substance recoverable by procedures set forth in "Standard Methods" and includes but is not limited to hydrocarbons, esters, fats, oils, waxes and high molecular carboxylic acids;

  • Backpressure means any elevation of pressure in the downstream piping system (caused by pump, elevated tank or piping, steam and/or air pressure) above the water supply pressure at the point which would cause, or tend to cause, a reversal of the normal direction of flow.

  • Diatomaceous earth filtration means a process resulting in substantial particulate removal in which a precoat cake of diatomaceous earth filter media is deposited on a support membrane (septum), and while the water is filtered by passing through the cake on the septum, additional filter media known as body feed is continuously added to the feed water to maintain the permeability of the filter cake.