California Rules of Court definition

California Rules of Court means the rules of court administration, practice, and procedure adopted by the Judicial Council of California.

Examples of California Rules of Court in a sentence

  • No one may use a camera to take pictures in any portion of the courthouse except as permitted by Rule 1.150 of the California Rules of Court, or in such area, as designated by the Presiding Judge, located in the common area on the third floor above the Jury Commissioner's Office known as the Third Floor Rotunda, or as permitted by order of a judge as set forth herein.

  • Misdemeanor Cases – pursuant to California Rules of Court, rule 8.864, a record of the oral proceedings may be provided when filing a notice of appeal.

  • Regarding judicial notice, the California Rules of Court provide: “To obtain judicial notice by a reviewing court under Evidence Code section 459, a party must serve and file a separate motion,” (Cal.Rules of Court, rule 8.252(a)(1)) which must state why the matter to be noticed is relevant, whether it was presented to the trial court, whether the trial court took judicial notice of the matter, and, if not, why the matter is subject to judicial notice under the Evidence Code.

  • The business of the court must be distributed by the presiding judge in accordance with Rules 205 through 208 of the California Rules of Court.

  • All exhibits attached to any pleading or document filed with the Court must comply with California Rules of Court, Sections 2.100 and 3.1110.

  • The Court may modify the assigned case-management plan at any time for good cause shown.(b) The court may in the interest of justice exempt a general civil case from the case- disposition time goals if it finds the case to be complex within the meaning of California Rules of Court 3.400 et.

  • Matters referred to non-binding judicial arbitration must be conducted in the manner set forth in California Rules of Court 3.810 et seq.B. The Court does not have an administrative committee.

  • This Court will permit those eligible pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 4.104, to attend a California Department of Motor Vehicle approved traffic school as a means of obtaining a confidential traffic school conviction.

  • A writ petition must comply with all applicable statutes and the California Rules of Court.

  • A motion filed pursuant to this provision and the provisions of Penal Code section 1305 shall be in the form required by California Rules of Court, Rule 3.1112, or, in the alternative, may be brought by way of a properly completed Court approved form entitled Notice Requesting Discharge of Forfeiture and Exoneration of Bond, which may be obtained through the clerk of the San Luis Obispo Superior Court, Criminal Division.

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