Oak Blocker definition

Oak Blocker means Oak HC/FT VMD Blocker, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. Oak Blocker shall include any permitted transferee or assignee of Oak Blocker.
Oak Blocker has the meaning specified in the preamble hereto.
Oak Blocker means Oak NextNav Blocker, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.

Examples of Oak Blocker in a sentence

  • In addition, after the date hereof, any issuance of additional shares of capital stock of Oak Blocker to any current or prospective stockholders shall be subject to Section 8.3(d) and the organizational documents of Oak Blocker.

  • Oak Blocker was formed on or about August 5, 2015 solely to own Preferred Units on behalf of Oak (and, as of and following the Effective Date, Walgreens).

  • Any and all Tax refunds, assets or benefits of Oak Blocker arising from or attributable to, directly or indirectly, any expenses of any Acquired Company incurred or deemed to have been incurred prior to or through the Closing other than Sellers’ Transaction Expenses shall be the property of Oak Blocker and shall not be paid to Oak.

  • All Taxes due and owing by Oak Blocker (whether or not shown on any Tax Return) have been paid.

  • The only interviewees that had experience with formal climate change vulnerability assessments were those that had worked on programs focused specifically on climate change.18 One interviewee said that they had been trying to think more about climate change and where they might make changes to be more climate smart, but he felt that carrying out a more formal vulnerability or capacity assessment might help them to shift from a more reactionary approach to a more proactive approach.

  • Merger 4 shall be consummated in accordance with this Agreement and the DLLCA and evidenced and effected by a Certificate of Merger in the form of Exhibit B-4 (the “Oak Blocker Certificate of Merger”), such Merger 4 to be consummated immediately upon filing of the Oak Blocker Certificate of Merger or at such later time as may be agreed by Acquiror and Holdings in writing and specified in the Oak Blocker Certificate of Merger (the “Merger 4 Effective Time”).

  • D17.4 The Contractor shall off-load goods as directed at the delivery location.

  • With respect to Oak Blocker, no claim has ever been made in writing by an authority in a jurisdiction where Oak Blocker does not file Tax Returns that it is or may be subject to Taxation by that jurisdiction.

  • This Agreement and each Ancillary Agreements to which it is a party have been duly executed and delivered by each of Oak and Oak Blocker.

  • Upon the Buyer receiving the amount of Taxes arising from Oak Blocker’s Allocable Share of Pre-Closing Income, the Buyer shall timely remit the amount received from Oak to the appropriate Taxing Authorities to satisfy such Tax Liability of Oak Blocker.

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Oak Blocker shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.

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