NL definition

NL means no limitation on the affected parameters, however monitoring is required.

Examples of NL in a sentence

  • Shefchek, K.A., Harris, N.L., Gargano, M., Matentzoglu, N., Unni, D., Brush, M., Keith, D., Conlin, T., Vasilevsky, N., Zhang, X.A., et al.

  • In November 1987, NL Industries, MPCA and EPA agreed to a 30-year ground water monitoring program.

  • Rubinstein, Y.R., Robinson, P.N., Gahl, W.A., Avillach, P., Baynam, G., Cederroth, H., Goodwin, R.M., Groft, S.C., Hansson, M.G., Harris, N.L., et al.

  • The off-site soil investigation completed by NL Industries and the Endangerment Assessment performed by EPA determined that off-site soil remedial actions were not necessary.

  • SAVAGE, George [US/US]; 1180 FR, GB, GR, HR, HU, IE, IS, IT, LT, LU, LV,MC, MT, NL, Westridge Drive, Portola Valley, California 94028 (US).

More Definitions of NL

NL means Necrobiosis Lipoidica, a chronic, disfiguring condition.