SPE definition

SPE means (i) an entity formed for the purpose of holding, acquiring, constructing, developing or improving assets whose acquisition, construction, development or improvement will be financed by Specified SPE Debt or equity investments in such entity or (ii) an entity acquired by the Restricted Parent or a Restricted Subsidiary of the Restricted Parent whose outstanding Indebtedness is all Specified SPE Debt.

Examples of SPE in a sentence

We discuss two test statistics that are used for anomaly detection: squared prediction error (SPE) and Hotelling’s T 2.Squared prediction error, also known as the Q-statistic, measures the squared Euclidean distance between sample x and its projection to the principal component subspace [18]:Q = SPE = ∥(I − P¯ P¯ T )x∥2, (55) where P¯ contains the p retained vectors that were estimated from the reference data asper Equation (41).

The IB, in turn, securitizes these by pooling them in a special purpose entity (SPE) which is insulated from taxation of the pool’s income (by enabling legislation in the United States allowing corporate structures in tax havens).

The sample is considered normal if SPE is below its upper control limit Qα.

When the value of the SPE statistic is above the upper control limit, the contributions can be inspected to identify the anomaly.

Since T 2 is a distance metric in the principal component space, it can be decomposed into the contributions of the principal components exactly like SPE.

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SPE. A person, other than an individual, whose organizational documents provide (with such exceptions as may be approved by the Master Servicer or Special Servicer in their respective discretion, in each case in accordance with the Servicing Standard) that it is formed solely for the purpose of owning and pledging Defeasance Collateral relating to one or more Defeasance Mortgage Loans; shall not engage in any business unrelated to such Defeasance Collateral; shall not have any assets other than those related to its interest in the Defeasance Collateral and may not incur any indebtedness other than as required to assume the defeased obligations under the related Note or Notes that have been defeased; shall maintain its own books, records and accounts, in each case which are separate and apart from the books, records and accounts of any other Person; shall hold regular meetings, as appropriate, to conduct its business, and shall observe all entity level formalities and record-keeping; shall conduct business in its own name and use separate stationery, invoices and checks; may not guarantee or assume the debts or obligations of any other Person; shall not commingle its assets or funds with those of any other Person; shall pay its obligations and expenses and the salaries of its own employees from its own funds and allocate and charge reasonably and fairly any common employees or overhead shared with Affiliates; shall prepare separate tax returns and financial statements or, if part of a consolidated group, shall be shown as a separate member of such group; shall transact business with Affiliates on an arm's-length basis pursuant to written agreements; shall hold itself out as being a legal entity, separate and apart from any other Person; if such entity is a limited partnership, shall have as its only general partners, general partners which are Single-Purpose Entities which are corporations; if such entity is a corporation, at all relevant times, has and will have at least one Independent Director; the board of directors of such entity shall not take any action requiring the unanimous affirmative vote of 100% of the members of the board of directors unless all of the directors, including without limitation all Independent Directors, shall have participated in such vote; shall not fail to correct any known misunderstanding regarding the separate identity of such entity; if such entity is a limited liability company, shall have at least one member that is a Single-...
SPE means a special purpose entity formed and operated for the sole purpose of acting as purchaser and owner of EDUCATION ONE Loans.
SPE means solid-phase extraction.
SPE means a special purpose entity formed and operated for the purpose of acting as purchaser and owner of Bank of America DTC Loans and other education loans.