New Fund Sample Clauses

New Fund. (2002) Introduction of new fund as per the provisions of letter of agreement: Culture Fund (see Letter of Agreement #13) ARTICLE 29 - LAWS (1999)
New Fund. 1290 Asset Managers hereby appoints AXA IM as the Sub-Adviser to 1290 Global Talents Fund (“New Fund”).
New Fund. IMCO hereby appoints Loomis Sayles as an investment suxxxxxxer xx xxe USAA First Start Growth Fund on the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement.
New Fund. 11.1 Section 14 of the Agreement is amended by deleting the final line of the list of Classes and Series and replacing it with the following: Class Q Common Stock 400,000,000 Low Duration Bond Fund (Institutional Shares) Special Series 1 100,000,000 Low Duration Bond Fund (Class A Shares) Special Series 2 100,000,000 Low Duration Bond Fund (Class B Shares) Special Series 3 100,000,000 Low Duration Bond Fund (Class C Shares) Unclassified 4,400,000,000