Net Production Rate definition

Net Production Rate means the sum of the Net Oil Production Rate and Net Dry Gas Production Rate expressed in BOE.
Net Production Rate in Barrels of Crude Oil per day, means the Net Production of Crude Oil and NGL for a certain period of time divided by the number of calendar days in that period of time.
Net Production Rate in BOPD, means the Net Production for a certain period of time divided by the number of calendar days in that period of time.

Examples of Net Production Rate in a sentence

  • MC 500 PEM Net Production Rate Nm3/h @ 0℃, 1 bar492Kg/h1062Production capacity dynamic range10 – 100%Average power consumption at stack4.5 kWh/Nm3Purity99.9995%Delivery pressure30 bargDimensions of process container12.2m×2.5m×3mDimensions of rectifier container12.2m×2.5m×3mAmbient temperature-20 to 40℃TABLE 4 PARAMETERS OF THE HYDROGEN COMPRESSOR.

Related to Net Production Rate

  • Net Sales Price means the gross billing price of any PRODUCT received by Licensee or its SUBLICENSEE for the sale or distribution of any PRODUCT, less the following amounts actually paid by Licensee or SUBLICENSEE:

  • Refined Products means gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, asphalt and asphalt products, and other refined products of crude oil.

  • Total hydrocarbons (THC) means the sum of all volatile compounds measurable by a flame ionization detector (FID).

  • Net Price means the current price listed in the supplier’s effective price list or catalog, less any applicable trade or cash discount.

  • Final Index Price means the average of the Index Prices for the 20 consecutive full trading days ending on the trading day prior to the Determination Date.

  • Petroleum product means crude oil, petroleum, refined petroleum products, byproducts and intermediate feed stocks, and other energy-related commodities, including, without limitation, blend components commonly used in the petroleum industry to improve characteristics of, or meet governmental or customer specifications for, petroleum or refined petroleum products.

  • Net Sales means [***].

  • ex-works price means the price paid for the product ex works to the manufacturer in the EU or in a SADC EPA State in whose undertaking the last working or processing is carried out, provided the price includes the value of all the materials used, minus any internal taxes paid which are, or may be, repaid when the product obtained is exported;

  • Production Period is the period that for winter cereal advances commences October 1, 2021 and terminates September 30, 2023; for advances on all other field crops, honey, hogs, goats, sheep and lambs commences April 1, 2022 and terminates September 30, 2023; and for advances on cattle, continuous flow cattle, and bison commences on April 1, 2022 and terminates on March 31, 2024.

  • Gross Sales Price with respect to each sale of Shares sold pursuant to this Agreement shall be the gross sales price per share of such Shares.

  • Royalty-Bearing Product means (a) any Product that is not a Co-Developed Product and (b) any Co-Developed Product to the extent sold outside of the Co-Development Territory.

  • Initial Index Price means the sum of the per share closing sales price of the common stock of each company comprising the Index Group multiplied by the applicable weighting, as such prices are reported on the consolidated transaction reporting system for the market or exchange on which such common stock is principally traded on the trading day immediately preceding the public announcement of this Agreement.

  • SOFR Compounded Index means the Compounded Daily SOFR rate as published at 15:00 (New York time) by Federal Reserve Bank of New York (or a successor administrator of SOFR) on the website of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, or any successor source; and

  • Supply Price has the meaning set forth in Section 6.2.

  • Annual Net Sales means, with respect to any Calendar Year, the aggregate amount of the Net Sales for such Calendar Year.

  • Net Sales Revenue shall have the meaning as set out in Schedule "A"

  • Petroleum Products means gasolines and petroleum oil distillates or blend stocks as further described in Item 10.

  • Volumetric Production Payments means production payment obligations recorded as deferred revenue in accordance with GAAP, together with all undertakings and obligations in connection therewith.

  • Supply Point means the point of connection between the licensed network and your apparatus or equipment.

  • Royalty Year means, (i) for the year in which the First Commercial Sale occurs (the “First Royalty Year”), the period commencing with the first day of the Calendar Quarter in which the First Commercial Sale occurs and expiring on the last day of the Calendar Year in which the First Commercial Sale occurs and (ii) for each subsequent year, each successive Calendar Year.

  • SOFR IndexStart means the SOFR Index value on the day which is two U.S. Government Securities Business Days preceding the first date of the relevant Interest Period (an "Index Determination Date"); and

  • Production Year means the 12- month period between September 1 of one year and August 31 of the following year, inclusive.

  • Postproduction means an activity related to the finishing or duplication of a medium described in Subsection 59-12-104(54)(a).

  • Production means a method of obtaining goods including manufacturing, assembling, processing, raising, growing, breeding, mining, extracting, harvesting, fishing, trapping, gathering, collecting, hunting and capturing.

  • Measurement Point means the emission source for which continuous emission measurement systems (CEMS) are used for emission measurement, or the cross-section of a pipeline system for which the CO2 flow is determined using continuous measurement systems;

  • Meet Point A point, designated by the Parties, at which one Party’s responsibility for service begins and the other Party’s responsibility ends.