MUA definition

MUA means the Deptford Township Municipal Utilities Authority.

Examples of MUA in a sentence

  • Gallo, Executive Director, Bayonne MUA submitted comments for Bayonne MUA (NJ0109240) in a letter dated 04/04/2014.

  • Lawrence Levine, Senior Attorney, NRDC, submitted comments for Bayonne City MUA (NJ0109240), East Newark Borough (NJ0117846), Town of Harrison (NJ0108871), Paterson City (NJ0108880), City of Newark (NJ0108758), NBMUA (NJ0108898), Jersey City (NJ0108723), Town of Kearny (NJ0111244), and PVSC (NJ0021016) in a letter dated 04/08/2014.

  • Christopher Len, Staff Attorney, Hackensack Riverkeeper & NY/NJ Baykeeper, submitted written comments for BCUA Little Ferry STP (NJ0020028), NHSA River Road STP (NJ0025321), NHSA Adams Street STP (NJ0026085), Fort Lee Borough (NJ0034517), Town of Guttenberg (NJ0108715), Hackensack City (NJ0108766), North Bergen MUA Woodcliff STP (NJ0029084) and Ridgefield Park Village (NJ0109118) in a letter dated 03/07/2014.

  • Becht, Esq., Executive Director, Jersey City MUA submitted comments for Jersey City MUA (NJ0108723) in a letter dated 3/14/2014.

  • Kate Anderson, Chief, Clean Water Regulatory Branch, EPA - Region 2, submitted written comments for BCUA Little Ferry STP NJ0020028), NHSA River Road STP (NJ0025321), NHSA Adams Street STP (NJ0026085), Fort Lee Borough (NJ0034517), Town of Guttenberg (NJ0108715), Hackensack City (NJ0108766), North Bergen MUA Woodcliff STP (NJ0029084) and Ridgefield Park Village (NJ0109118) in a letter dated 03/06/2014.

  • As MUA cross-training is initiated at each location, the training program will be offered first to those MUAs who volunteer for such training with the most senior being trained first and proceeding down the volunteer list by seniority.

  • Once an MUA has successfully completed training, the MUA will be converted to the Collection Tech II job classification and will receive a one-time lump sum bonus of one hundred dollars ($100).

  • Ferrara, Ph.D., Vice-President and Principal, Kleinfelder, submitted written comments for North Bergen MUA Woodcliff STP (NJ0029084) in a letter dated 05/22/2014.

  • MUA cross-training shall first be rolled out only in regions where there are no locations represented by Coalition unions.

  • MUA cross-training to be launched in nonunion locations: Starting in October 2015, MUA cross-training will launch at all 9 nonunion locations.

More Definitions of MUA

MUA means the manipulation of a patient who is sedated by the administration of anesthesia by a physician and surgeon or other health care provider who is legally authorized to administer anesthesia. “Manipulation” means the manipulation of the joints of the human body by manipulation of anatomical displacements, articulation of the spinal column, including its vertebrae and cord.
MUA means The Maritime Union of Australia.
MUA means the 2018 Multifamily Uniform Application. The MUA is posted to the GLO’s website as three separate files accompanying this RFA and must be submitted with the required documentation listed in Article VII.
MUA means the Manx Utilities Authority, a statutory board established by the Transfer of Functions (Manx Utilities Authority) Order 2014(3);”; and

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