MNB definition

MNB means the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (National Bank of Hungary);

Examples of MNB in a sentence

  • The Bank shall announce such measures and shall at the same time inform MNB (the Hungarian National Bank) thereof.

  • Approval by the MNB is necessary for the General Business Rules to take force.

  • If the sender bank has received the order from the customer for same-day performance, the bank shall submit it to the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) within 2 hours of receipt of the order but no later than the RTGS deadline specified for the receipt of customer orders, while also providing the appropriate coverage.

  • Collateral: government securities (DKJ, government bonds, MNB bond), investment fund units, shares.

  • At the instruction of the MNB or any other authority, KELER CCP is entitled to transfer principal positions.

  • In case of a credit institution with buy position KELER will debit the cash account of the credit institution kept with the MNB up to the extent of the purchase price, in VIBER, as part of DVP transaction settlement.

  • Pursuant to Order H-EN-III-51/2014 of the MNB KELER CCP is an organization authorized to undertake clearing activity.

  • The Bank shall withdraw any currency that seems to be forged or counterfeit – by drawing up a record thereof – and send it to MNB immediately for the purpose of investigation.

  • In case of order by the MNB, liquidator or any other authority KELER CCP will suspend the right of disposal of the Client for the period provided for by the organ having the right to do so.

  • In case of changes to the General Business Rules and other public regulatory documents governing issues defined in MNB Order 11/2009 (II.27.) or changes to parts of such documents influenced by the referred Order KELER CCP ensures that Clients become familiar with changes and can make comments in the manner and until the deadline stated on the website.

More Definitions of MNB

MNB means the National Bank of Hungary (Magyar Nemzeti Bank).
MNB means MNB Bancorp, Inc., a Massachusetts corporation.

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  • Seller Parent has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.

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  • MP is the Market Price of the Common Stock on the last trading day preceding the date of the request to exercise the Warrants. "Market Price" shall mean the then current market price per share of Common Stock, as determined in paragraph 12.1(e). "EP" shall mean the Exercise Price. Upon such surrender of Warrants, and payment of the Exercise Price, with cash or securities, or upon a net exercise as aforesaid, the Company at its expense shall issue and cause to be delivered with all reasonable dispatch to or upon the written order of the Warrant Holder and in such name or names as the Warrant Holder may designate, a certificate or certificates for the number of full shares of Common Stock so purchased upon the exercise of such Warrants, together with cash, as provided in Section 12 of this Warrant Agreement, in respect of any fraction of a share of such stock otherwise issuable upon such surrender. Such certificate or certificates shall be deemed to have been issued, and any person so designated to be named therein shall be deemed to have become a holder of record of such shares, as of the date of the surrender of such Warrants and payment of the Exercise Price or receipt of shares by net exercise as aforesaid. The rights of purchase represented by the Warrants shall be exercisable, at the election of the Warrant Holders thereof, either in full or from time to time in part and, in the event that any Warrant is exercised in respect of less than all of the shares purchasable on such exercise at any time prior to the Expiration Date, a new certificate evidencing the remaining Warrant or Warrants will be issued.

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