means of transport definition

means of transport means rail transport, road freight transport, inland waterway transport, maritime transport, air transport, and intermodal transport;
means of transport means a construction designated for the transport of goods and/or people regardless of whether such construction is self-propelled or not.
means of transport the transport of travel (plane, train, boat / ferry, distance buses or rental cars) and, where this is explained in the terms defined in the "conditions for the insurance coverage", the transport, which is used to the means of transport to reach or to move from transport to the destination.

More Definitions of means of transport

means of transport means road vehicles, railway rolling stock, sea and inland waterways craft and aircraft;
means of transport. ’ means a vessel, aircraft, locomotive, railway carriage or vehicle engaged in the transport of goods or persons; 20
means of transport. ’ means a vessel, aircraft, locomotive, railway carriage or 15
means of transport means any vehicle used for the transport of persons by land, sea or air, including automobiles, buses, trains, ships and aeroplanes (whether commercial or private).
means of transport means various types of vessels, vehicles, aircraft and pack- animals which enter or leave the territory carrying persons, goods or articles.
means of transport means those parts set aside for goods in auto- mobile vehicles, rail vehicles and aircraft, the holds of vessels, and containers for transport by land, sea or air;
means of transport means the parts set aside for fishery products in road vehicles, holds of vessels and containers for transport of fishery products by land, sea or air, and includes means of transport used for conveying products to their destination market;