Milk and milk products definition

Milk and milk products means grade A milk and grade A milk products.
Milk and milk products means the following: Milk, cream, frozen cream, concentrated milk fat, fluid skimmed milk, sweetened and unsweetened evaporated skim milk, sweetened and unsweetened concentrated or condensed milk and skim milk, whey, dry milk, nonfat dry milk solids, sweet cream, or any of these products from which lactose has been wholly or partially removed and any other product derived in whole or in part from milk as defined in Article XI of this chapter or as may be approved and designated by the Department of Health, and any mixture of the aforementioned products.
Milk and milk products means always total dishes

Examples of Milk and milk products in a sentence

  • Milk and milk products shall be pasteurized, homogenized and vitamin fortified.

  • Milk and milk products shall be obtained from a source approved by the Arkansas Department of Health.

  • Milk and milk products shall be processed or manufactured in milk product plants meeting the requirements of the Iowa department of agriculture and land stewardship.

  • Milk and milk products also can be referred to as dairy products.

  • Milk and milk products shall be stored in a sanitary manner and shall be kept refrigerated, except when being served.

  • Milk and milk products are subject to the standards in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (“the Food Standards Code”).

  • Milk and milk products are defined as “…pasteurized fluid types of flavored or unflavored whole milk, low-fat milk, skim milk, or cultured milk…All milk should contain vitamins A and D at the levels specified by the Food and Drug Administration and consistent with State and local standards for such milk.” Milk delivered hereunder shall confirm to these specifications.

  • Section 750.310 Milk and Cream Dispensing a) Milk and milk products for drinking purposes shall be provided to the consumer in an unopened, commercially filled package not exceeding one pint in capacity, or drawn from a commercially filled container stored in a mechanically refrigerated bulk milk dispenser.

  • Milk and milk products shall be served, handled and stored in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 256 of this Title.

  • Milk and milk products shall conform to all regulations regarding optional ingredients.

Related to Milk and milk products

  • Milk product or "dairy product" means cottage cheese, dry curd cottage cheese, reduced fat cottage cheese, lowfat cottage cheese, cream, light cream, light whipping cream, heavy cream, heavy whipping cream, whipped cream, whipped light cream, sour cream, acidified sour cream, cultured sour cream, half-and-half, sour half-and-half, acidified sour half-and-half, cultured sour half-and-half, reconstituted or recombined milk and milk products, concentrated milk, concentrated milk products, skim milk, lowfat milk, frozen milk concentrate, flavored milk, eggnog, buttermilk, cultured milk, cultured lowfat milk, cultured skim milk, yogurt, lowfat yogurt, nonfat yogurt, acidified milk, acidified lowfat milk, acidified skim milk, low-sodium milk, low-sodium lowfat milk, low-sodium skim milk, lactose-reduced milk, lactose-reduced lowfat milk, lactose-reduced skim milk, aseptically processed and packaged milk, milk products with added safe and suitable microbial organisms, and any other milk product made by the addition or subtraction of milkfat or addition of safe and suitable optional ingredients for protein, vitamin, or mineral fortification. Unless a product is considered a milk product under this subdivision, milk product does not include dietary products, infant formula, ice cream or other desserts, cheese, or butter. Milk products include the following:

  • Hemp products means all products made from industrial hemp,

  • Marijuana-infused products means products that contain marijuana or marijuana extracts and are intended for human use. The term "marijuana-infused products" does not include useable marijuana.

  • Finished Products means the fully assembled and shrink-wrapped Licensed Products, each including a Game Cartridge, Game Cartridge label and Printed Materials.

  • Marijuana products means concentrated marijuana products and marijuana products that are comprised of marijuana and other ingredients and are intended for use or consumption, such as, but not limited to, edible products, ointments, and tinctures.

  • Existing Products Tangible Products and intangible licensed Products which exist prior to the commencement of work under the Contract. Contractor retains the burden of proving that a particular product was existing before commencement of the Project. .

  • SAP Products means Software, Documentation, SAP Materials, Services, Subscription Services, Cloud Services and Maintenance Services. “SAP SDK” means SAP software development kit that includes tools such as APIs, source code, redistributable files and instructions. “Services” means SAP’s then-current services offered under and described in detail in the applicable SAP PartnerEdge Model.

  • Manufacturing Facilities means facilities engaged in the mechanical or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new products and shall include:

  • API means the American Petroleum Institute.

  • Refined Products means gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, asphalt and asphalt products, and other refined products of crude oil.

  • Aerosol coating product means a pressurized coating product containing pigments or resins that dispenses product ingredients by means of a propellant, and is packaged in a disposable can for hand-held application, or for use in specialized equipment for ground traffic/marking applications.

  • Manufacturing Facility means buildings and structures, including machinery and equipment, the primary purpose of which is or will be the manufacture of tangible goods or materials or the processing of such goods or materials by physical or chemical change.

  • the Products means all products and associated documentation to be supplied under this Contract;

  • Bioassay means the determination of kinds, quantities or concentrations and, in some cases, the locations of radioactive material in the human body, whether by direct measurement, in vivo counting, or by analysis and evaluation of materials excreted or removed from the human body. For purposes of these rules, “radiobioassay” is an equivalent term.

  • Products means information resources technologies that are, or are related to, EIR.

  • Bulk Product means Licensed Product supplied in a form other than Finished Product which can be converted into Finished Product.

  • Manufacturing Technology means any and all patents, patent applications, Know-How, and all intellectual property rights associated therewith, and including all tangible embodiments thereof, that are necessary or useful for the manufacture of adeno- associated viruses, adeno-associated virus vectors, research or commercial reagents related thereto, Licensed Products, or other products, including manufacturing processes, technical information relating to the methods of manufacture, protocols, standard operating procedures, batch records, assays, formulations, quality control data, specifications, scale up, any and all improvements, modifications, and changes thereto, and any and all activities associated with such manufacture. Any and all chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC), drug master files (DMFs), or similar materials provided to regulatory authorities and the information contained therein are deemed Manufacturing Technology.

  • Cannabis products means cannabis that has undergone a process whereby the plant material has been transformed into a concentrate, including, but not limited to, concentrated cannabis, or an edible or topical product containing cannabis or concentrated cannabis and other ingredients.

  • Drug Substance means an active ingredient that is intended to furnish pharmacological activity or other direct effect in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or to affect the structure or any function of the human body, but does not include intermediates used in the synthesis of such ingredient.

  • Tobacco products means cigars, cigarettes, cheroots, stogies, periques, granulated, plug cut, crimp cut, ready rubbed, and other smoking tobacco, snuff, snuff flour, moist snuff, cavendish, ping and twist tobacco, fine-cut and other chewing tobaccos, shorts, refuse scraps, clippings, cuttings and sweepings of tobacco, and other kinds and forms of tobacco, prepared in such manner as to be suitable for chewing or smoking in a pipe or otherwise, or both for chewing and smoking.

  • Manufacturing Process means any process for—

  • Tobacco product manufacturer means an entity that after the date of enactment of this Act directly (and not exclusively through any affiliate):

  • Manufacturing Know-How means, with respect to the Product or any Variant thereof, the technology, data, designs, processes, methods, specifications and other know-how used in connection with the formulation, manufacture, labeling, packaging, quality control, release testing, and production of the Product, and all ingredients used therein and portions thereof.

  • medicinal product means any substance or combination of substances presented for treating or preventing disease in human beings or animals and any substance or combination of substances which may be administered to human beings or animals with a view to making a medical diagnosis or to restoring, correcting or modifying physiological functions in humans or in animals;

  • Manufacturing site means the facilities where a Compound is Manufactured by or on behalf of a Party, as such Manufacturing Site may change from time to time in accordance with Section 8.7.

  • New Products means any product which is not an Enhanced Product or 2 Existing Product but which is substantially similar to an Existing Product with respect to design and function and possesses reasonable performance improvements. If Company desires to purchase an Enhanced or New Product(s) from Supplier, Company shall so notify Supplier and provide Supplier the opportunity to manufacture such Enhanced or New Product(s), subject to the following conditions and procedures.