Milk fat definition

Milk fat means the fat of milk.
Milk fat means fat in frozen desserts or imitation frozen desserts.
Milk fat means fat in dairy products or in milk-derived ingredients.

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  • AppendixQuantities and recipes referred to in paragraph 3 (per 100 kg of goods)Quantities to be taken into account within the bands — milk and milk products Milk fat (% of weight)Milk prot.

  • Such products in- clude, but are not limited to: Milk, fat- free milk, lowfat milk, light milk, re- duced fat milk, milk drinks, eggnog and cultured buttermilk, including any such beverage products that are fla- vored, cultured, modified with added nonfat milk solids, sterilized, con- centrated, or reconstituted.

  • Milk fat and other milk solids together account for about 13% of the weight of milk, with the remainder being water.

  • The School District issues bonds to provide funds for the acquisition and construction of major capital facilities.

  • Milk fat extraction and FAME preparation were performed as described by Nudda et al.

  • Milk fat content was determined by the Gerber method according to (Ling 1963).

  • Milk fat plays a crucial role in yogurt quality attributes, and therefore, fat reduction can cause some undesirable qualities in yogurt such as lack of flavor, weak body, and poor texture (Haque and Ji 2003).

  • Aziz M, Matsuda A, Yang W-L, Jacob A and Wang P: Milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor-factor 8 attenuates neutrophil infiltration in acute lung injury via modulation of CXCR2.

  • To reveal PS on PBMC, we utilized8 recombinant Milk fat globule-EGF factor 8 protein (MFG-E8) derived recombinant proteins,9 which bind PS under physiological conditions with high sensitivity on apoptotic cells and10 subcellular PS+ extracellular vesicles (EVs) 33,34.

  • Milk fat, protein, lactose and cholesterol were similar in both the groups.

More Definitions of Milk fat

Milk fat or "butter fat" means the fat of milk;
Milk fat means fat or butterfat in milk.

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