Metered Output definition

Metered Output has the meaning given to that term in:
Metered Output in respect of each Settlement Unit shall be:
Metered Output means the Energy, expressed in MWh, generated by each of the Hydro-Québec Power Resources in each hour during the Services Term.

Examples of Metered Output in a sentence

  • If, as a result of any adjustment pursuant to § 6.8 (Meter Disputes and Adjustments), the quantity of Metered Output delivered to the Delivery Point for any period is increased, subject to § 6.11 (Right to Contest), the resulting amount shall be included in the subsequent invoice issued under § 22 (Invoicing and Payment) as the product of such amount and the Electricity Contract Price for the Relevant Delivery Time to the Buyer's payment obligations for that month.

  • This § 7.1 shall apply unless otherwise specified in Section B of Part I (Individual Terms), the Seller shall operate and maintain the Facility in accordance with Applicable Law, Relevant Codes and Rules, and Good Industry Practice with a view to maximising the availability of the Facility and Metered Output.

  • Where the Seller revises any forecast to reflect a change in the Seller's expected Metered Output, the Seller shall provide the Buyer with such revised forecast as soon as reasonably practical.

  • In case of application of § 6.9 (Decreased Metered Output as a Result of Meter Adjustment) and § 6.10 (Increased Metered Output as a Result of Meter Adjustment), where the metering data has been provided by the Network Operator to the Seller the Seller shall, promptly upon receipt of the same, notify the Buyer of such data and the Buyer shall have the right to contest the validity of such data within three (3) Business Days of its receipt thereof.

  • Seller shall provide Buyer with prompt notice of any malfunction or other failure of the Meters or other telemetry equipment necessary to accurately report the quantity of Metered Output.

More Definitions of Metered Output

Metered Output means, in any Month, the aggregate amount of Energy delivered at the Delivery Point;
Metered Output means the actual output of the Solar Farm for any month during the Term expressed in kilowatt-hours (kWh).
Metered Output means all the electrical output of the Facility that is delivered to the Delivery Point during the relevant period);
Metered Output in respect of each Settlement Unit shall be (subject to Conditions 18.2 to 18.6) the Loss Adjusted Metered Output for such Settlement Unit as calculated by the CfD Counterparty.”]
Metered Output means the instantaneous energy output, intermittent and variable within the hour, expressed in MWh, generated by the Facility and delivered to and measured at the Interconnection Point.
Metered Output means, in respect of each Settlement Unit and subject to Clauses 10.2 (Estimates of Loss Adjusted Metered Output) and 10.3 (Reconciliations of Estimated Metered Output), the aggregate of:
Metered Output means the Energy made available from the Project at the Point of Delivery, as measured by the Electric Metering Devices.