Meter definition

Meter means a water meter as defined by the Regulations published in terms of the Trade Metrology Act, 1973 (Act No. 77 of 1973), or, in the case of water meters of size greater than 100 mm, a device which measures the quantity of water passing through it;

Examples of Meter in a sentence

Meter readings and service charges for first and final bills are prorated based on days of service.

Three facilities are purported to be of relevance; Meter Volume Reallocation Notifications (MVRNs), Change of Supplier process and Meter splitting.

For pump applications ensure pipe work and Meter have the appropriate working pressure rating to match the pressure output of the pump.

Bose, Secretary December 3, 2021Page 6Service Agreement), to operate such facilities as a Capacity Resource, the provisions of the Tariff regarding Behind the Meter Generation shall not apply to such generation facilities for the period such election is in effect.

Therefore, as pointed out by Electric Power Research Institute, cyber security is one of the most eminent requirements facing the smart grid development [7].Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an integral part of the smart grid as it comprises smart meters, collectors, controllers and Meter Data Management Systems (MDMSs).

More Definitions of Meter

Meter without other qualification, shall mean any device or instrument which is used by a utility in measuring a quantity of gas.
Meter means an instrument that measures the quantity of gas passing through it and includes associated equipment attached to the instrument to filter, control or regulate the flow of gas.
Meter shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.3.1.
Meter means an equipment used for measuring electrical quantities like energy in kWh or kVAh, maximum demand in kW or kVA, reactive energy in kVARh etc. including accessories like Current Transformers (CT) and Potential Transformers (PT), cables, where used in conjunction with such meter and any enclosure used for housing or fixing such meter or its accessories and any devices like switches or MCB/ load limiter or fuses used for protection and testing purposes.
Meter means a device suitable for measuring, indicating and recording consumption of electricity or any other quantity related with electrical system and shall include, wherever applicable, other equipments such as Current Transformer, Voltage Transformer with necessary wiring & accessories or Capacitor Voltage Transformer necessary for such purpose;
Meter means an equipment used for measuring, indicating and recording quantities including energy in kWh or kVAh, maximum demand in kW or kVA, reactive energy in kVARh and accessories including Current Transformer (CT), Voltage Transformer (VT) / Potential Transformer (PT) / Capacitor Voltage Transformer (CVT), where used in conjunction with such meter. It shall also include necessary wiring, any seal or sealing arrangement and other measures provided by the licensee for sealing, reliability and for preventing theft/unauthorized use of electricity;
Meter means an instrument installed to measure the volume and/or rate of flow of water delivered through it;