Maximize definition

Maximize means to increase to the greatest amount, extent, or degree reasonably possible.
Maximize simply means to increase connectivity to its fullest possible degree in Unserviced and Underserviced Areas and the term was flexible at the request of SWIFT so that Middlesex could agree on maximization.
Maximize means to achieve as much of an in- crease in usage or generation as possible given cor- responding economic and regulatory feasibility.

Examples of Maximize in a sentence

  • Maximize the opportunity for students to develop the positive values of self-reliance, initiative, kindness, spontaneity, resourcefulness, courage, creativity, responsibility, and joy.

  • Maximize the opportunity for teachers, parents, and students to cooperatively develop the learning process and its subject matter.

  • Maximize the opportunity for teachers, parents and students to cooperatively develop the learning process and its subject matter.

  • Daylight and Shading: Maximize daylight for interior and exterior spaces and minimize shading on adjacent sites through the placement and/or design of structures on site.CS1-B-3.

  • Maximize trees and other vegetation at each site by planting additional vegetation, clustering tree areas, and promoting the use of native and/or drought tolerant plants.

  • Maximize effective use of law enforcement personnel and information.

  • Maximize the opportunity for the students, teachers, and parents to continuously react to the changing world, including but not limited to the community in which the school is located.

  • Maximize growth opportunities and strengthen programs and services to enhance student success.

  • Maximize the opportunity for students to develop the positive values of self-reliance, initiative, kindness, spontaneity, resourcefulness, courage, creativity, responsibility and joy.

  • Maximize the draining of bath solution back into the tank, as practicable, by extending drip time when removing parts from the tank; using drain boards (also known as drip shields); or withdrawing parts slowly from the tank, as practicable.

Related to Maximize

  • Minimize means to reduce or eliminate to the extent achievable using control measures (including Best Management Practices) that are technologically available and economically practicable and achievable in light of best industry practice.

  • generate , with respect to electricity, means to produce electricity or provide ancillary services, other than ancillary services provided by a transmitter or distributor through the operation of a transmission or distribution system;

  • Success means that the Client’s claim is finally decided in his or her favour, whether by a court decision or an agreement to pay damages or in any way that results in the Client deriving a benefit from pursuing the Claim.

  • Promote means to engage in such activities.

  • Efficiency means the gas turbine manufacturer's rated heat rate at peak load in terms of heat input per unit of power output based on the lower heating value of the fuel.

  • Achieve means in respect of a Test, to successfully pass such Test without any Test Issues in accordance with the Test Strategy Plan and in respect of a Milestone, the issue of a Satisfaction Certificate in respect of that Milestone and "Achieved", “Achieving” and "Achievement" shall be construed accordingly;

  • Reward means any goods, services, benefits, arrangements or other privileges (including, without limitation, miles on participating airline frequent flyer programs, payment of annual Cardmembership fees or rebate), as may be determined by the Bank in its reasonable discretion, which may be redeemed or obtained by the use of Points under the Program; and S$ means the lawful currency of the Republic of Singapore.

  • Using shall have the meaning as defined in the Master Agreement.

  • Impact means any effect caused by a proposed activity on the environment including human health and safety, flora, fauna, soil, air, water, climate, landscape and historical monuments or other physical structures or the interaction among these factors; it also includes effects on cultural heritage or socio-economic conditions resulting from alterations to those factors;

  • Viable means the stage of development of a human fetus at which there is a realistic possibility of maintaining and nourishing of a life outside the womb with or without temporary artificial life-sustaining support.

  • Rewards means any Merchandise Reward, Travel Reward, Gift Card Reward or Account Credit Reward that is available in this Program; and

  • Develop means to engage in Development.

  • Viability means that stage of human development when the life of the unborn child may be continued by natural or life-supportive systems outside the womb of the mother;

  • Growth means the rating a school will receive based on longitudinally matched student data comparing current performance to the previous year’s for the purpose of determining student academic growth.

  • Affordability means a housing unit that satisfies at least one of the following criteria:

  • Improve means to build, alter, repair, or demolish an improvement upon, connected with, or beneath the surface of any real property, to excavate, clear, grade, fill, or landscape any real property, to construct driveways and roadways, or to perform labor upon improvements.

  • capability , in relation to an employee, means his capability assessed by reference to skill, aptitude, health or any other physical or mental quality, and

  • Mitigate means to reduce or alleviate the impact of OCI to an acceptable level of risk so that the Government’s interest with regard to fair competition and/or contract performance is not prejudiced.

  • Cultivate means to propagate, breed, grow, harvest, dry, cure, or separate parts of the marihuana plant by manual or mechanical means.

  • Adaptable means constructed in compliance with the technical design standards of the Barrier Free Subcode, N.J.A.C. 5:23-7.

  • DBE means the Diocesan Board of Education for the diocese within which the Academy is situated;

  • Productivity as defined in ORS 427.005 means:

  • Cultivation means any activity involving the planting, growing, harvesting, drying, curing, grading, or trimming of cannabis.

  • Co-Promote or “Co-Promotion” means, with respect to any Co-Developed Product, the joint promotion and Detailing of such Co-Developed Product in the Co-Developed Territory using a coordinated sales force consisting of representatives of both Parties.

  • Allocate means to assign an item of cost, or a group of items of cost, to one or more cost objectives. This term includes both direct assignment of cost and the reassignment of a share from an indirect cost pool.

  • Capture efficiency means the weight per unit time of VOC entering a capture system and delivered to a control device divided by the weight per unit time of total VOC generated by a source of VOC, expressed as a percentage.