Local governing body definition

Local governing body means the committee (if any) established by the Academy Trust in relation to an Academy or Academies, within the Academy Trust, in accordance with the Articles.
Local governing body means the group of governors appointed and elected to carry out specified functions in relation to the Academy as delegated by the Academy Trust Company.
Local governing body clause 15;

Examples of Local governing body in a sentence

  • Where any power or function of the Directors has been exercised by any committee(including any Local Governing Body), any Director, the Chief Executive Officer or any other holder of an executive office, that person or committee shall report to the Directors in respect of any action taken or decision made with respect to the exercise of that power or function at the meeting of the Directors immediately following the taking of the action or the making of the decision.

  • The power of delegation exercised under Article 105 in relation to the establishment of a Local Governing Body for an Academy shall be by way of Scheme of Delegation.

  • This behaviour policy will be reviewed by the headteacher and the Local Governing Body (LGB) at least annually, or more frequently, if needed, to address findings from the regular monitoring of the behaviour data.

  • The Local Governing Body for each school is responsible for ensuring that school minibusesoperated on behalf of the school fully comply in every respect, with all legal transport and health and safety requirements.

  • The Directors shall ensure that any Local Governing Body shall include at least 2 elected representatives of the parents of pupils attending the relevant Academy.

More Definitions of Local governing body

Local governing body means a local board of trustees of a rural electric cooperative.
Local governing body means the council or other legislative body charged with governing the municipality.
Local governing body means any one of these committees );
Local governing body means the governing body of a county or municipality.
Local governing body or "governing body" means:
Local governing body means the council, board of supervisors, or other legislative body charged with governing the municipality.
Local governing body means the governing entity of a city, county, or federally recognized Indian tribe in this state.