Definition of LIPOXEN KNOW-HOW

LIPOXEN KNOW-HOW means all KNOW-HOW CONTROLLED by LIPOXEN that pertains to DELIVERY AGENTS [***] POTENTIAL PRODUCTS or COMMERCIAL PRODUCT(S) or [***] BAXTER [***] its obligations or the exercise of its rights under this AGREEMENT. LIPOXEN PATENT RIGHTS are excluded from the definition of LIPOXEN KNOW-HOW.
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Examples of LIPOXEN KNOW-HOW in a sentence

LIPOXEN may [***] this AGREEMENT by [***] to BAXTER if BAXTER, its AFFILIATES or a SUBLICENSEE [***] LIPOXEN [***] of the LIPOXEN PATENT RIGHTS or to [***] of any of the LIPOXEN KNOW-HOW; provided that LIPOXEN may not exercise [***] under this Section if BAXTER, its AFFILIATES or a SUBLICENSEE brings [***] to LIPOXENs [***] of this Agreement (except under this Section) or [***] (whether under [***] against BAXTER, its AFFILIATES or a SUBLICENSEE.