Licensed Partner definition

Licensed Partner means any person or entity authorised by OceanWise to resell or renew subscriptions to the Service.
Licensed Partner means an organisation which may sell Club Tours on behalf of Man City;

Examples of Licensed Partner in a sentence

Guidance An Authorised Firm that is a Branch is not required to register its Directors as Licensed Directors under Rule 7.5.4 or its Partners as a Licensed Partner under Rule 7.5.5.

An applicant must submit a detailed personal information form for its employees engaged in a licensed function, including the Senior Executive Officer, Licensed Director, Licensed Partner, Finance Officer, Compliance Officer, Senior Manager, Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Licensed Representative and Responsible Officer.

The Terms and Conditions described herein refer to the Services supplied directly by OceanWise or via an OceanWise Licensed Partner.

These Terms and Conditions are binding for any use of our Services and apply to You from the time that OceanWise or an OceanWise Licensed Partner provides You with access to the Services.

OceanWise or an OceanWise Licensed Partner will continue to invoice You until this Agreement is terminated in accordance with this Agreement.