Levy definition

Levy means all powers of distraint and seizure.
Levy means the emergency services levy determined under Part 6A of the FESA Act and imposed under the Emergency Services Levy Act 2002;

Examples of Levy in a sentence

  • Request cost calculations from Levy Mhlanga at Tel: (012) 334-4619.

  • Similarly, where an Anti-Dilution Adjustment is applied, the Directors will not charge an Anti-Dilution Levy.

  • While the original Twersky’s theory do not describe the spatial dis-tribution of the reflected and transmitted light as reported by Steinke and Shepherd [SS88], the original diffusion the- ory (DT) provide valid approximations for light transport in a medium whose absorption coefficient is significantly smaller than its scattering coefficient as stated by Sardar and Levy [SL98] and Yaroslavsky et al.

  • Where an Anti-Dilution Levy is charged, the Directors will not apply an Anti-Dilution Adjustment.

  • The Directors reserve the right to impose an Anti-Dilution Levy to cover dealing costs and to preserve the value of underlying assets of a Fund in the event of receipt for processing of net subscription or redemption requests of a Fund, including as a result of requests for exchange from one Fund into another Fund which shall for this purpose be treated as a redemption request into another Fund (which shall for this purpose be treated as a subscription request).

More Definitions of Levy

Levy means a levy determined by the Board under clause 6;
Levy means an administrative power to collect delinquent taxes through the means prescribed by this section, or the exercise of that power. The power to levy includes the power of distraint by any lawful means, the power to sell the property and the power to release the levy when it is no longer necessary or appropriate to further the process of collecting delinquent taxes. Exercise of the levy power creates a lien and makes the assessor a judgment creditor.
Levy means the imposition of a tax, stated in terms ofmillage,” against all appropriately located property by a governmental body authorized by law to impose ad valorem taxes.
Levy means to impose ad valorem taxes or the total amount of ad valorem taxes for a purpose or entity;
Levy means development cost levy;
Levy means the lawful power, hereby invested in the secretary, to take into possession or to require the present or future surrender to the secretary or the secretary's delegate of any property or rights to property belonging to a delinquent taxpayer;
Levy means a vocational education and training levy imposed under section 35; “Minister” means the Minister responsible for education;