Levy definition

Levy means the emergency services levy determined under Part 6A of the FESA Act and imposed under the Emergency Services Levy Act 2002;
Levy means all powers of distraint and seizure.

Examples of Levy in a sentence

Levy DA, Bayley PJ, Squire LR (2004) The anatomy of semantic knowledge: Medial vs.

The role of GABA in neurodegeneration is likely not specific to Parkinson’s disease, given the role of altered GABA levels in other neurodegenerative diseases such as dystonia (Levy and Hallett 2002, Marjańska, Lehéricy et al.

We also found that the relative GABA/tCre levels between regions (thalamus>motor cortex>visual cortex) were consistent with other studies (Levy and Hallett 2002).

Shrager Y, Levy DA, Hopkins RO, Squire LR (2008) Working memory and the organization of brain systems.

Levy DA, Shrager Y, Squire LR (2005) Intact visual discrimination of complex and feature-ambiguous stimuli in the absence of perirhinal cortex.

More Definitions of Levy

Levy means an imposition or collection of an assessment, tax, fee, charge, or fine.
Levy means a levy determined by the Board under clause 6;
Levy means an administrative power to collect delinquent taxes through the means prescribed by this section, or the exercise of that power. The power to levy includes the power of distraint by any lawful means, the power to sell the property and the power to release the levy when it is no longer necessary or appropriate to further the process of collecting delinquent taxes. Exercise of the levy power creates a lien and makes the assessor a judgment creditor.
Levy means to impose ad valorem taxes or the total amount of ad valorem taxes for a purpose or entity;
Levy means the imposition of a tax, stated in terms ofmillage,” against all appropriately located property by a governmental body authorized by law to impose ad valorem taxes.
Levy means the contributions by an owner of a Section and/or exclusive use area to the funds established by the Body Corporate of the Scheme in terms of section 3(1) of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act. Reference to "estimated levy" in this Agreement refers to an estimate by the Seller of what the Levy will be upon the establishment of the Body Corporate;