Growth Fund definition

Growth Fund means an entity that:
Growth Fund means an entity certified by the department pursuant to Section 12‑70‑120(E).

Examples of Growth Fund in a sentence

Rowe Price Institutional Large-Cap Core Growth Fund LCC Mutual Fund - Series T.

Spectrum Growth Fund Spectrum Income Fund Spectrum International Fund T.

Rowe Price Institutional Large-Cap Growth Fund LCG Mutual Fund - Series T.


Rowe Price Institutional Mid-Cap Equity Growth Fund MCE Mutual Fund - Series T.

NOTE: The 30 month CDSC period connected with of this program expired in September of 2002]During the Special Offer Program which took place in March, 2000, the sales load was waived on purchases of Class A Shares of Federated Aggressive Growth Fund, Federated Communications Technology Fund, Federated Large Cap Growth Fund, and Federated International Small Company Fund (the "Special Offer Funds").

Equity Series Income Series Lord Abbett Investment Trust Balanced Series Lord Abbett Core Fixed Income Fund Lord Abbett High Yield Fund Lord Abbett Limited Duration U.S. Government & Government Sponsored Enterprises Fund Lord Abbett Total Return Fund Lord Abbett U.S. Government & Government Sponsored Enterprises Fund Lord Abbett Convertible Fund Lord Abbett Large-Cap Growth Fund Lord Abbett Mid-Cap Value Fund, Inc.

Rowe Price Institutional Mid-Cap Equity Growth Fund MCE Mutual Fund - Series Mutual Fund Entity Name Reference ID Entity Type T.

Spectrum Income Fund Spectrum Growth Fund Spectrum International Fund T.

Lord Abbett America’s Value Fund Lord Abbett Growth Opportunities Fund Lord Abbett Large-Cap Core Fund Small-Cap Value Series Lord Abbett Securities Trust Alpha Series Lord Abbett All Value Fund Lord Abbett International Opportunities Fund Lord Abbett Micro-Cap Growth Fund Lord Abbett Micro-Cap Value Fund Lord Abbett Large-Cap Value Fund Lord Abbett International Core Equity Fund Lord Abbett Series Fund, Inc.

More Definitions of Growth Fund

Growth Fund means AMP Capital Growth Fund established 16 May 1995 (formerly called AMP Investments’ Growth Fund);
Growth Fund means a part of the Trust Fund, as described in Section 10.3.
Growth Fund means any Fund established by the General Assembly to be set apart for community and parish development.

Related to Growth Fund

Income Fund means a hypothetical investment fund pursuant to which income, gains and losses are credited to a Participant’s Account as if the Account, to the extent deemed invested in the Income Fund, were credited with interest at the Applicable Interest Rate.
Sub-Fund means a segregated pool of assets and liabilities into which the Trust Fund is divided, established under the Trust Deed and the relevant supplemental deed as a separate trust as described in the relevant Appendix.
Revenue Fund means the fund so designated in, and created pursuant to, Section 502 hereof.
Nuveen Fund means any fund for which a Nuveen Subsidiary serves as the investment adviser and for which Nuveen Investments, LLC serves as a principal underwriter or as a member of the underwriting syndicate. A Nuveen Fund is any Nuveen Defined Portfolio, Nuveen Closed-End Fund or Nuveen Open-End Fund.
Stock Fund means that portion of the Trust Fund consisting of Stock.
Master Fund means a registered investment company or a series thereof in which the Trust or a Series, as applicable, invests all or substantially all of its assets pursuant to a master/feeder fund structure as described in Section 8.3(c);
Principal Accumulation Investment Proceeds means, with respect to each Transfer Date, the investment earnings on funds in the Principal Accumulation Account (net of investment expenses and losses) for the period from and including the immediately preceding Transfer Date to but excluding such Transfer Date.
Automatic Investment Plan/Dividend Reinvestment Plan means a program in which regular purchases or sales are made automatically in or from investment accounts in accordance with a predetermined schedule and allocation, including dividend reinvestment plans.
Equity Contributions means the equity to be contributed by the Equity Investor to Borrower, in accordance with and subject to the terms of the Partnership Agreement.
Investment Fund has the same meaning as in National Instrument 81-106 Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure;
Loan Fund mean the undisbursed proceeds of the Loan under this Agreement together with any equity funds or other deposits required from Borrower under this Agreement.
Dividend Reinvestment Plan means a regular dividend reinvestment or other plan of the Corporation made available by the Corporation to holders of its securities where such plan permits the holder to direct that some or all of:
Special Fund means a fund or account of the Governmental Entity or Public Power System set aside and or pledged to satisfy the Public Power System’s obligations hereunder out of which amounts shall be paid to satisfy all of the Public Power System’s obligations under this Master Agreement for the entire Delivery Period.
capital accumulation plan means a tax assisted investment or savings plan, including a defined contribution registered pension plan, a group registered retirement savings plan, a group registered education savings plan, or a deferred profit-sharing plan, that permits a plan member to make investment decisions among two or more investment options offered within the plan, and in Québec and Manitoba, includes a simplified pension plan;
Dividend Reinvestment Acquisition means an acquisition of Voting Shares pursuant to a Dividend Reinvestment Plan;
Pre-Funding Account The separate Eligible Account created and maintained by the Trustee pursuant to Section 3.05 in the name of the Trustee for the benefit of the Certificateholders and designated "The Bank of New York, in trust for registered holders of CWABS, Inc., Asset-Backed Certificates, Series 2001-1." Funds in the Pre-Funding Account shall be held in trust for the Certificateholders for the uses and purposes set forth in this Agreement and shall not be a part of any REMIC created hereunder, provided, however that any investment income earned from Permitted Investments made with funds in the Pre-Funding Account will be for the account of the Depositor.
Investment Vehicle means any investment company or pooled investment fund, including, but not limited to, mutual fund families, exchange traded funds, fund of funds and hedge funds, in which Defendants, or any of them, have, has or may have a direct or indirect interest, or as to which its affiliates may act as an investment adviser, but in which any Defendant alone or together with its, his or her respective affiliates is not a majority owner or does not hold a majority beneficial interest.
Sub-Account means any of the individual sub-accounts of a Participant's Separate Account that is maintained as provided in Article VIII.
Investment Plan means the QEP Resources, Inc. Employee Investment Plan, as amended from time to time, or any successor plan.
Retirement fund means the "Washington law enforcement
Program fund means the program fund established under section 12D.4.
Distribution Plan means a plan for the distribution of the shares in the capital of the Company prepared by the Trustees in accordance with clause 4;
Alternative Investment Vehicle means the limited partnership, limited liability company, or similar legal structure through which the public investment fund invests in portfolio companies.
Principal Funds With respect to the Mortgage Loans and any Distribution Date, the sum, without duplication, of (1) the scheduled principal due during the related Due Period and received before the related Servicer Remittance Date or advanced on or before the related Servicer Remittance Date, (2) prepayments in full collected in the related Prepayment Period, (3) the Stated Principal Balance of each Mortgage Loan that was purchased by the Depositor during the related Prepayment Period or, in the case of a purchase pursuant to Section 9.01, on the Business Day prior to such Distribution Date, (4) the amount, if any, by which the aggregate unpaid principal balance of any Replacement Mortgage Loan is less than the aggregate unpaid principal of the related Deleted Mortgage Loans delivered by the Sponsor in connection with a substitution of a Mortgage Loan pursuant to Section 2.03(c), (5) all Liquidation Proceeds collected during the related Prepayment Period (to the extent such Liquidation Proceeds relate to principal and represent payment in full), (6) all Subsequent Recoveries received during the related Due Period and (7) all other collections and recoveries in respect of principal during the related Due Period, less (A) all Non-Recoverable Advances relating to principal with respect to the Mortgage Loans and (B) other amounts reimbursable (including without limitation indemnity payments) to the Servicer and the Trustee pursuant to this Agreement allocable to principal.
Subsidy Funds If the Trust Estate contains any Subsidy Loans, funds contributed by the employer of a Mortgagor in order to reduce the payments required from the Mortgagor for a specified period in specified amounts.
Endowment fund means an institutional fund or part thereof that, under the terms of a gift instrument, is not wholly expendable by the institution on a current basis. The term does not include assets that an institution designates as an endowment fund for its own use.