Ladenburg definition

Ladenburg shall have the meaning given in the Preamble.
Ladenburg or the "Representative") and with the other underwriters named on Schedule I hereto for which Ladenburg is acting as Representative (the Representative and the other Underwriters being collectively called the "Underwriters" or, individually, an "Underwriter") as follows:
Ladenburg and collectively with UBS, the "UNDEXXXXXXXX") are acting as the underwriters in the IPO; and

Examples of Ladenburg in a sentence

  • In connection with the Quarterly Report of Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc.

  • As the Representative of the several Underwriters listed on Schedule I By: Ladenburg Xxxxxxxx & Co. Inc.

  • New Asia Partners China I Corporation Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. Inc.

  • Neither Ladenburg nor its agents shall be violating the undersigned’s right of privacy in any manner in requesting and obtaining the Information and the undersigned hereby releases them from liability for any damage whatsoever in that connection.

  • The undersigned’s Questionnaire furnished to the Company and Ladenburg and annexed as Exhibit B hereto is true and accurate in all respects.

More Definitions of Ladenburg

Ladenburg has the meaning specified therefor in Section 5.01(a)(i).
Ladenburg is acting as representative of the xxxxxxxxters in the IPO; and
Ladenburg and together being referred to herein as txx "Xx-Representatives") or their designees, each of such Underwriters' Warrants evidencing the right of the holder thereof to purchase one share of Common Stock for $7.50, subject to adjustment as described herein (the Underwriters' Warrants together with the Public Warrants, being referred to herein as the "Warrants"),
Ladenburg shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 5.8.
Ladenburg is defined in Section 6.1.
Ladenburg of the termination of the Company's letter agreement, dated October 12, 1998, with Ladenburg.
Ladenburg has the meaning set out in recital (A).