Goldman definition

Goldman means Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Goldman means Goldman, Sachs & Co., GSMP V Onshore US. Ltd., GSMP V Offshore US. Ltd., GSMP V Institutional US, Ltd. and any of their respective Affiliates.
Goldman shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the recitals.

Examples of Goldman in a sentence

Goldman, Sachs & Co. does not provide accounting, tax or legal advice.

In addition, we mutually agree that, subject to applicable law, you may disclose any and all aspects of any potential transaction or structure described herein that are necessary to support any U.S. federal income tax benefits, without Goldman, Sachs & Co. imposing any limitation of any kind.

OPTION B ☐ – CONSENT TO AMENDMENT VIA CASH SETTLEMENT (CASH ROLL): Consent to the Third Amendment and agree to sell all of its existing Term Loans to Goldman Sachs Lending Partners LLC as an Eligible Assignee pursuant to an Assignment and Assumption (or Master Assignment and Assumption) and commit to repurchase repriced Term Loans post-closing in an equal principal amount (or such lesser amount as may be allocated by Goldman Sachs Lending Partners LLC).

At the close of business on the Distribution Date, $6,200,000 aggregate principal amount of Goldman Sachs Capital I 6.345% Capital Securities due February 15, 2034 (the Underlying Securities) are held for the above trust.

This schedule contains summary financial information extracted from the Goldman Sachs Trust Annual Report dated December 31, 1999 and is qualified inits ints entirety by reference to such financial statements.

More Definitions of Goldman

Goldman means Goldman Sachs Bank USA.
Goldman means Goldman Sachs & Co., LLC.
Goldman has the meaning specified in the recital of parties to this Agreement.
Goldman means, collectively, GS Capital Partners 2000, L.P., GS Capital Partners 2000 Offshore, L.P., GS Capital Partners 2000 GmbH& Co. Beteiligungs KG, GS Capital Partners 2000 Employee Fund, L.P., Bridge Street Special Opportunities Fund 2000, L.P., Stone Street Fund 2000, L.P., Goldman Sachs Direct Investment Fund 2000, L.P., GS Private Equity Partners 2000, L.P., GS Private Equity Partners 2000 Offshore Holdings, L.P. and GS Private Equity Partners 2000 – Direct Investment Fund, L.P. and any Affiliates of the foregoing to whom shares of Common Stock are Transferred after the effective date of the Sponsor Shareholders Agreement.