Definition of Citi

Citi means Citigroup Global Markets Inc., Citibank, N.A., Citicorp USA, Inc., Citicorp North America, Inc. and/or any of their affiliates as Citi shall determine to be appropriate to provide the services contemplated herein.

Citi means Citibank, N.A.

Citi means Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

Examples of Citi in a sentence

A transaction report need not be submitted for transactions effected pursuant to an Automatic Investment Plan or where such information would duplicate information contained in broker trade confirmations or account statements received by Citi with respect to the Access Person within 30 days of the transaction if all of the information required by rule 17j-1(d)(1)(ii) is contained in the confirmation or account statement.
Licensee represents that it does not own any Internet domain names containing Citi Marks.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, Citigroup shall have the sole right to control the prosecution of any claim alleging infringement or other violation of the Citi Marks, provided that to the extent resolution of any such claim is reasonably likely to have an adverse impact on Licensee, Citigroup shall consult with Licensee or Legg Mason on behalf of Licensee in connection therewith.
Nothing herein shall be deemed, intended, or implied to constitute a sale or assignment of the Citi Marks to Licensee.
Licensee covenants and agrees not to challenge the validity, enforceability or Citigroup's or its Affiliates' ownership of the Citi Marks in any jurisdiction.

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Citi means Citibank, N.A

Citi means Citigroup.

Citi means Citibank International Plc Sucursal en Espana.