kWh definition

kWh means kilowatt-hour.
kWh means kilowatt hour.
kWh means Kilo-Watt-hour.

Examples of kWh in a sentence

  • Cost of operation Formula > 1500 watts x 24 hours per day for one month (30 days) X electricity cost (10.5 cents) per KWH divided by 1000 = monthly cost of $113.40If you must get through a winter with the stock tank, insulate it the best you can and install a submersible 600 watt or simi-lar tank heater with thermostat control.

  • Daily feeder wise units consumed (KWH) shall be reported by the contractor on monthly basis.

  • The lighting hours of operation throughout the campus will be stipulated and used to determine the KWH savings.

  • Vide notification No. F.12(23)FD/Tax/2015-219 dated 09-03-2015, the state government has fixed the electricity duty at the rate of Rupees 0.40 per unit (KWH) on the consumption of self-generated energy for any purpose in respect of energy generated by captive power generating plants other than DG sets.

  • The recurring charges towards running and operation of the Generator to be calculated in the manner following:- • Fuel charges on the basis of the KWH meter and the applicable fuel rates; • Annual Maintenance Contract and monthly running and maintenance charges on the basis of the monthly rates.

More Definitions of kWh

kWh means a kilowatt-hour.
kWh means Kilowatt-hour.
kWh means kilowatt hours;
kWh means kiloWatt-hour.
kWh means kilowatt hour or kilowatt hours;
kWh means kilo-Watt-hour;
kWh means a kilowatt-hour (1,000 watt-hours) of electric energy.