Irrigation facility definition

Irrigation facility means those fa-cilities that provide water for essential services of a governmental nature to § 206.222the general public. Irrigation facilities include water for fire suppression, gen- erating and supplying electricity, and drinking water supply; they do not in- clude water for agricultural purposes.
Irrigation facility means any pipe, pipework, fittings, pumps, water bore, sprinklers, controllers, enclosures or covers or any other attachment or associated facility installed for the purpose of irrigating land with water whether in operation or not;
Irrigation facility means that term as it is defined in section 32701.

Examples of Irrigation facility in a sentence

Irrigation facility design drawings shall be submitted to Sandy City and the ditch owners/users for approval.

Irrigation facility means all structures and appurtenant works for the delivery, diversion, and storage of irrigation water.

Irrigation facility also exists here, but the good amount of rainfall remains the key factor.

Irrigation facility for second crop is less than 15 percent of the total cultivable land of the district.

These water bodies may be linked with Micro Irrigation facility for judicious use of water.

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Irrigation facility means those fa- cilities that provide water for essential services of a governmental nature to