IQ definition

IQ has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition of “Co-Investors”.
IQ means Investissement Québec.

Examples of IQ in a sentence

  • Bidder to perform IQ, OQ and PQ for equipment as per Manufacturer Protocols.

  • Approval of the IQ Transactions requires an ordinary resolution of Common Shareholders approved by at least a majority of the votes cast thereon but excluding any votes cast by RQ or its affiliates, including IQ, as well as any votes cast by their respective directors, senior officers and joint actors, if any.

  • NII divided by average of beginning of period total assets excluding cash and end of period total assets excluding cash.Source: S&P Capital IQ as of 3/31/17.

  • Domestically, a CenturyLink IQ + Port is only available in a CenturyLink determined data center.

  • He felt, in his neighborhood, when someone buys fireworks, they lose half their IQ quotient.

More Definitions of IQ

IQ means Investissement Québec;
IQ means Investissement Québec
IQ means Investissement Québec, the parent company of Diaquem;
IQ means Investissement Québec and its successors and assigns;
IQ is a service mark of Morgan Stanley representing financial investment in the field of commercial mortgage-backed securities collateralized by "institutional quality" whole loans. ------------------------------------------------ Investing in the certificates offered to you involves risks. See "Risk Factors" beginning on page S-42 of this free writing prospectus and page 11 of the base prospectus. ------------------------------------------------ Approximate Initial Approximate Pass-Through Certificate Initial Rate Ratings Class Balance(1) Pass-Through Rate Description(2) (Fitch/S&P) --------- ------------------- ----------------- -------------- ----------- Class A-1 $55,400,000 % AAA/AAA Class A-1A $530,349,000 % AAA/AAA Class A-2 $70,200,000 % AAA/AAA Class A-NM $225,000,000 % AAA/AAA Class A-3 $44,500,000 % AAA/AAA Class A-AB $88,200,000 % AAA/AAA Class A-4 $897,566,000 % AAA/AAA Class A-M $273,031,000 % AAA/AAA Class A-J $242,314,000 % AAA/AAA Class B $17,065,000 % AA+/AA+ Class C $44,367,000 % AA/AA Class D $27,303,000 % AA-/AA- Class E $13,652,000 % A+/A+ Class F $23,890,000 % A/A Characteristics of the certificates offered to you include:
IQ means Investissement Québec, the parent company of RQ and of Diaquem; “IQ Parties” means IQ together with Diaquem and RQ;