IOTA account definition

IOTA account means an interest or dividend-bearing trust account benefiting The Florida Bar Foundation established in an eligible institution for the deposit of nominal or short-term funds of clients or third persons.
IOTA account means a trust account described in subdivision (2), below.

Examples of IOTA account in a sentence

  • Only trust funds that are nominal or short term shall be deposited into an IOTA account.

  • Lawyers or law firms shall advise the Foundation, at Post Office Box 1553, Orlando, Florida 32802-1553, of the establishment of an IOTA account for funds covered by this rule.

  • Such notice shall include: the IOTA account number as assigned by the eligible institution; the name of the lawyer or law firm on the IOTA account; the eligible institution name; the elig ible institution address; and the name and Florida Bar attorney number of the lawyer, or of each member of The Florida Bar in a law firm, practicing from an office or other business location within the state of Florida that has established the IOTA account.

Related to IOTA account

  • User Account means an account under the name of the Customer in relation to the Service subscribed by the Customer.

  • Clearing Account has the meaning set forth in Section 2.7.1 hereof.

  • Client Account means the unique personalized account of the Client consisting of all Completed Transactions, Open Positions and Orders on the Platform, the Balance of the Client money and deposit/withdrawal transactions of the Client money. It is understood that the Company may use the term Trading Account or Account on its Website or communications, which shall mean your Client Account.

  • Sub-Account means any of the individual sub-accounts of a Participant’s Account that is maintained as provided in Article VIII.