Interim Chairman definition

Interim Chairman means the person holding the office of Chairman of an Interim Provincial Government in accordance with Section 125(3) or (4);

Examples of Interim Chairman in a sentence

  • The Board of Directors may appoint an Interim Chairman whenever the Chairman and Vice Chairman are absent or suffer from an impediment.

  • Chambers, Interim Chairman of Board of Commissioners of Carroll County Attest: Susan A.

  • In the Chairman’s absence, the Interim Chairman, if any has been appointed, shall preside at the meetings of the stockholders and the Board of Directors.

  • If no Interim Chairman has been appointed, the Lead Director shall preside at meetings of the stockholders and the Board of Directors in the Chairman’s absence, or in the Lead Director’s absence, the President shall preside.

  • Subsequently, the BoD reconvened as a body and elected Ms Apalagaki Charikleia as the Interim Chairman until the nomination of the new definitive Chairman of the BoD. At the meeting held on 30.08.2016, Mr Fourlis Vassileios resigned from the position of the non-executive member of the Board.

  • These procedures are essential in dealing with projects which involve the health and safety of the citizens and the expenditure of public funds.

  • Should the office of Chairman become vacant, the Board shall appoint one of its members for the remaining duration of the Chairman’s term of office as Interim Chairman.

  • At the request of the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Treasury, Mr.Liddy served as Interim Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American International Group, Inc., a global insurance and financial services holding company, from September 2008 until August 2009.

  • Partial term service as an Interim member, Interim Chairman, or Interim Vice Chairman shall not be counted against the term limits established.

  • Ultimately, Ilanjian asserted that he had been appointed Interim Chairman and CEO of Kenset in charge of a corporate turnaround by virtue of an agreement with Setrakian and that Setrakian had breached the agreement.

Related to Interim Chairman

  • Deputy Chairman means the Non-Executive Director appointed by the Council of Governors to take on the Chairman’s duties if the Chairman is absent for any reason.

  • Executive Chairman means the Executive Chairman of the Board.

  • Chairman means the Chairman of the Board;

  • Vice-Chairman means the non-officer member appointed by the Board to take on the Chairman’s duties if the Chairman is absent for any reason.

  • Deputy Chairperson means the deputy chairperson from time to time of the Trust if one is appointed in accordance of rule 4 of the Third Schedule;

  • President means the President of the Corporation.

  • Lead Director means the Director designated as such by the Board of Directors pursuant to Section 2.1(f)(i).

  • Chairman-cum-Managing Director means Chairman-cum-Managing Director of any of the Subsidiary Companies of Coal India Limited, presently Central Coalfields Limited, Eastern Coalfields Limited, Western Coalfields Limited, Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited, South Eastern Coalfields Limited, Northern Coalfields Limited and Mahanadi Coalfields Limited.

  • Vice-Chairperson means the Vice-Chairperson of the Board.

  • Board Chair means the board member elected as the chair of the board under section 2.11;

  • COO means Chief Operating Officer;

  • Deputy Chair means the Non-Executive Director appointed by the Council of Governors to take on the Chair’s duties if the Chair is absent for any reason

  • Executive Director means the executive director of the Department of Commerce.

  • Deputy President means a Deputy President of the State Administrative Tribunal;

  • Executive Officer means, with respect to any corporation, the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, President, Executive Vice President, any Vice President, the Secretary or the Treasurer of such corporation; and with respect to any partnership, any general partner thereof.

  • Chief Operating Officer means an employee who has been entrusted responsibility of managing any one or more of Units of the Company.

  • CEO means the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

  • Chair means the chair of the Board;

  • Chairperson means the Chairperson of the Board;

  • Vice-Chair means the Vice-Chair of the Governing Body elected from time to time.

  • Local director means the director or his designated representative of the local department of the

  • College President means the chief executive officer of the college appointed by the board of trustees.

  • Regional Director means the Regional Director of the Southwestern Region of the Ministry;

  • Chief means Chief Agri/Industrial, a division of Chief Industries, Inc.

  • CFO means an individual who acted as chief financial officer of the Company, or acted in a similar capacity, for any part of the most recently completed financial year;

  • Non-Executive Director means a member of the Board of Directors who does not hold an executive office with the Trust.