Vice-Chairperson definition

Vice-Chairperson means the Vice-Chairperson of the Board.
Vice-Chairperson means the Vice-Chairperson of the Council.
Vice-Chairperson means the Vice-Chairperson of the Authority.

Examples of Vice-Chairperson in a sentence

  • All members present voted in favor of Clarence Tucker for the Vice-Chairperson.

  • The Chairperson, or in his/her absence, the Vice-Chairperson, shall preside at all meetings and shall perform and render acts and services as prescribed and required by the Board.

  • OfficersThe officers of the board are the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary.Officers are nominated, the nomination seconded and elected by, at the board's discretion, voice- or ballot vote at the annual meeting, held in January, for a term of one year.

  • Each Permanent Committee may itself elect its Vice-Chairperson, and its Secretary for drafting the minutes of its meetings.

  • The Board member who is being considered for removal from office shall be notified by certified letter of the intent of the Board for removal from office, at least ten (10) days prior to the Board meeting in which removal will be considered, with the letter of indicating the reasons for this action being considered, by the Board Chairperson (or in the event that the Board Chairperson is being considered for removal, the Board Vice-Chairperson).

More Definitions of Vice-Chairperson

Vice-Chairperson means a non-executive director who may be appointed by the board to take on the Chairperson’s duties if the Chairperson is absent for any reason.
Vice-Chairperson means the vice- chairperson of the trustee committee;
Vice-Chairperson means the vice-chairperson appointed in terms of section 8(2).
Vice-Chairperson means the Vice-Chairperson of the Board;
Vice-Chairperson means the Vice Chairperson of the Board elected pursuant to these Bylaws.
Vice-Chairperson means the person appointed as Vice- Chairperson of the Board under section eleven;
Vice-Chairperson means the voting member elected to serve as the council vice chairperson for a one-year term.