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Unavailable means either that: (1) there is no LOSB providing goods or services requested; or, (2) no LOSB submitted a bid. Requirements and Compliance All firms or entities seeking to become Contractors as outlined herein are required to make good faith efforts to achieve LOSB participation when submitting a proposal or bidding on Shelby County procurements. Bidders shall not discriminate on the basis of race or gender when soliciting bids in the performance of Shelby County’s procurements. Discrimination complaints brought to the attention of Shelby County Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance (or its designee) will be reviewed and investigated to the extent necessary to determine the validity of such complaints and what actions, if any, should be taken by Shelby County. Policies and Procedures Shelby County may adopt policies and procedures as necessary to carry out and implement its powers and duties with regard to the LOSB Program. It is the goal of Shelby County to encourage participation by LOSB’s and to adopt rules and regulations which achieve to the greatest extent possible a level of participation by LOSB’s taking into account the total number of all Contractors and suppliers. Therefore, Shelby County will review each procurement request to determine the maximum potential for utilization of LOSB’s. This review is based on the availability of qualified LOSB’s providing goods or services as it relates to the scope of the bid or procurement process. The following procedures may be utilized during the procurement process. 1. Pre-Bid Activity
Unavailable means that a vacancy in office exists and there is no deputy authorized to exercise all of the powers and dis- charge the duties of the office, or that the lawful incumbent of the office and his or her duly authorized deputy are absent or unable to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of the office.

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  • Table C: City and States AssessedCity & State Population Accessible Taxi Service Began Number of Taxis Number of Accessible Taxis Arlington, VA 221,045 1996 757 37 Baltimore, MD 621,342 Unavailable 1074 10 Chicago, IL 2,707,120 2000 6,722 141 Fairfax Co, VA 1,118,602 Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Montgomery Co., MD 989,794 Unavailable 770 48 New York, NY 8,244,910 2012 13,237 233 P.

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Unavailable and “Unavailability” means, with respect to a Functional Unit, that such Functional Unit or an applicable Linked Unit is in a state or condition that does not comply with the Availability Condition;
Unavailable means absent from the place of session other than on official business of the General Assembly or unable, for physical, mental, or legal reasons, to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of a member of the General Assembly, whether or not such absence or inability would give rise to a vacancy under the Delaware Constitution or other law of this State.
Unavailable or “Unavailability” means a service resource is failing to perform within a tolerance of 30% of its defined operating parameters.
Unavailable means absent from the place of governance during a disaster that seriously disrupts normal governmental operations, whether or not that absence or inability would give rise to a vacancy under existing constitutional or statutory provisions.
Unavailable means in relation to a key aspect of an eClips Web Database Service that the key aspect is not available and “Unavailability” has the same meaning;
Unavailable means that all connection requests to the running Service Instance fail during a 1 minute period.
Unavailable or "Unavailability" means the circumstances of and the time when the required Aircraft, pilot or engineer for the Aircraft, is unserviceable, not in a condition to perform, fails to perform or is unavailable to perform as required by the Contract. Unavailability status will continue to apply each day until the failure and unavailability is corrected and the Charter Services can begin or re- commence.