Improper storage definition

Improper storage means being exposed to extremes in temperature, humidity, smoke, fumes, pressure, or radiation due to a natural disaster, fire, accident, or equipment failure.
Improper storage means the handling or storing of any construction-related materials in a manner that, due toas a result of leaks, spills, leachates, deposits, or dumps, causes or has the potential to cause the depletion of the capacity of the County’s stormwater system; the contamination of soils; or the discharge of pollutants to the County’s stormwater system, private stormwater drainage systems, or related natural resource areas.

Examples of Improper storage in a sentence

  • Improper storage of materials outdoors may provide an opportunity for toxic compounds, oil and grease, heavy metals, nutrients, suspended solids, and other pollutants to enter the storm water conveyance system.

  • Improper storage, handling and/or land application of manure can contaminate water and soil, as well as potentially cause unacceptable odours for neighbours.

  • Improper storage and handling of manure or mortalities increases the risk of contaminating groundwater.

  • Improper storage, use, handling, or disposal of hazardous materials shall be grounds for termination of this lease agreement.

  • Improper storage or transportation of a specimen or inadequate growth of the culture suggestive of recent antibiotic usage can result in disapproval of the submitted specimen by the Department's laboratory or an acceptable laboratory and result in the need for an additional specimen to be collected.

  • Improper storage of shellfish after harvest can expose shellfish to contamination.

  • Improper storage and handling of hazardous materials may result in the pollution of the surrounding areas.

  • Improper storage may also result in higher than usual spoilage of inventory due to adverse weather conditions or longer than usual storage periods, which may also require us to incur additional expenses in replacing that portion of the inventory and/ or incur additional expenses in maintenance and improvement of our storage infrastructure, which may adversely affect our profit margins.

  • Improper storage may also result in higher than usual spoilage of inventory, which may also require us to incur additional expenses in replacing that portion of the inventory and/ or incur additional expenses in maintenance and improvement of our storage infrastructure, which may adversely affect our profit margins.

  • Improper storage and handling of fuels, lubricants, chemicals and hazardous goods/materials onsite, and potential spills from these goods may harm the environment or health of construction workers.

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