HQW definition

HQW means High Quality Water.
HQW means high quality waters as defined in OAC 785:45-3-2(b).
HQW means High Quality Water, defined as a water of the state which possesses an existing water quality which exceeds that necessary to support the propagation of fishes, shellfishes, wildlife, and recreation in and on the water, and which is designated as such in OAC 785:45, Appendix A.

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High Quality Water Zones (HQW) Zones are defined by North Carolina Administrative Code 15A NCAC 04A.0105 (25).

In areas where the vegetated buffer is less than 10 feet between the disturbed area and waters of the State classified as High Quality Water (HQW), Outstanding Resource Water (ORW), Critical Areas, or Unique Wetlands, NPDES inspection and monitoring are required every 14 days or within 24 hours of a rainfall event of 0.5" or greater.

Only the portion of the land-disturbing activity within a HQW zone shall be governed by this section.

Uncovered areas in HQW zones shall be limited at any time to a maximum total area of twenty acres within the boundaries of the tract.

In areas where the vegetated buffer is less than 10 feet between the disturbed area and waters of the State classified as High Quality Water (HQW), Outstanding Resource Water (ORW), Critical Areas, or Unique Wetlands, NPDES inspection and monitoring are required every 7 days or within 24 hours of a rainfall event of greater than 1.0 inch.

Newly constructed open channels in HQW zones shall be designed and constructed with side slopes no steeper than two horizontal to one vertical if a vegetative cover is used for stabilization unless soil conditions permit a steeper slope or where the slopes are stabilized by using mechanical devices, structural devices or other acceptable ditch liners.

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A river designated "HQW" is a high quality water, and a river designated "SS" is a salmonoid stream.

Any actions or proceedings by Seller against Buyer may be brought by Seller only in the court(s) having jurisdiction over the location of Buyer from which this order is issued.

Ground cover sufficient to restrain erosion must be provided for any portion of a land-disturbing activity in a HQW zone within 15 working days or 60 calendar days following completion of construction or development, whichever period is shorter.

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