Node definition

Node means an area designated by the State Planning Commission concentrating facilities and activities which are not organized in a compact form.
Node shall have the meaning set forth in ISO-NE Rules.
Node means each physical or virtual server, blade, host or container, regardless of the number of processors, cores or virtual cores included on such physical or virtual server, blade, host or container. 1.

Examples of Node in a sentence

  • You must purchase the appropriate third party license and/or subscription for the operating system and other software running on each virtual machine on the Physical Node.

  • Node size corresponds to the number of genes in a given gene set while color intensity represents the normalized enrichment score (NES) based on the legend shown in the figure.

  • Node Recovery/Restoration In this case, the recovery path may be configured to route around a neighbor node deemed to be unreliable.

  • Any Node Subsidy payments shall be calculated as of the end of the Hedera’s fiscal year.

  • In case of the coexistence of Conditional Handover and Inter-Master Node handover with/without Secondary Node change, the UE context at the SN is kept or moved to another SN.

More Definitions of Node

Node means a running instance of an Axway program, i.e. a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) running an Axway application; “Partition” means a reserved part of the resources of an Operating Environment that is set aside for a specific purpose; Such as:
Node means a node of the Network to which Customer is connected via a leased line Tail Circuit (or DSL circuit) or to which Customer dials in. Nodes are deployed at such times and places as determined by Orange.
Node means an instance of the Community Software product known as “Elasticsearch,” running on a server, which is not configured as a dedicated client node, dedicated coordinating node, or dedicated ingest node, as described in the Elasticsearch documentation.
Node means a single physical computer or cloud compute instance.
Node means an area designated by the State Planning Commission concentrating
Node means any kind of device capable of processing data and includes any of the following types of computer devices: diskless workstations, personal computer workstations, networked computer workstations, homeworker/teleworker home-based systems, file and print servers, email servers, Internet gateway devices, storage area network servers (SANS), terminal servers, or portable workstations connected or connecting to the server(s) or network.