Home Owners definition

Home Owners means the Amberfield Glen Homeowners Company NPC, with registration number: 2002/012219/08;
Home Owners association” means an association with jurisdiction registered in terms of the Companies Act, No. 61 of 1973, membership of which shall be compulsory for all owners of group housing erven in the group site (or sites) for which it was established;

Examples of Home Owners in a sentence

  • Demolition of or a major addition to a non-contributing resource, or infill in a designated historic district outside of the City’s designated Home Owners Associations will be subject to the design review process described in Section 9107.19 (Site Plan and Design Review), Article IX of the Arcadia Development Code.

  • I also have served several terms on the Southwest Vistas Home Owners Association Board.

  • OTS has authority to take formal enforcement action under the Home Owners Loan Act (HOLA) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Act (FDIA) against OTS-regulated institutions, including savings associations, their operating subsidiaries and service corporations, and savings and loan holding companies and affiliates.

  • Demolition of or major additions to non-contributing resources, and infill in designated historic districts outside of the City’s designated Home Owners Associations (HOAs) require design review pursuant to Section 9107.19 (Site Plan and Design Review), Article IX of the Arcadia Development Code.

  • All transfers to SMR hereunder shall be by Warranty Deed from the RDA conveying title free of all liens and encumbrances (except easements, covenants and restrictions of record, including but not limited to the Lake Park Villas Home Owners Association covenants and restrictions).

More Definitions of Home Owners

Home Owners means the owner of the Premises on which the Equipment will be installed; “Premises” means the Installation Address set out on the first page of this Agreement and shall include the residence and all property thereon excluding the Equipment; “Agreement” means this agreement between Advantage Alliance and you; “we”, “our”, “Advantage Alliance” and “us” means Advantage Alliance Pro LLC and/or our authorized service providers and subcontractors; and “you”, “customer”, “Customer” and “your” means the Lessee and Owner named in the Federal Consumer Leasing Act Disclosures of this Agreement.
Home Owners. Association (HOA)” means the Woodhill Home Owners’ Association NPC, a non-profit company incorporated under registration number 1998/009813/08;
Home Owners means a person who owns a manufactured home and rents or leases a residential lot within a manufactured home Community for residential use.
Home Owners. Association" means the Greenways Country Estate Home Owners' Association, which is more fully described in clauses 1 and 3;
Home Owners. Association” means a company registered in terms of section 21 of the Companies Act, No. 71 of 2008, as amended, membership of which shall be exclusive to and compulsory for the freehold or registered leasehold owners of dwelling unit cartilage in a medium density housing development.
Home Owners means the legal owner(s) of a home covered by a valid Policy which has not expired, and as to whom the time period for filing a claim has not lapsed.
Home Owners. Association" means a Home Owners’ Association constituted in terms of Section 29(1) of the Land Use and Planning Ordinance No 15 of 1985 or any ordinance succeeding the above existing ordinance;