Group Housing definition

Group Housing means a building unit constructed or to be constructed with one or more floors having more than two dwelling units having common service facilities.
Group Housing means a premises of size not less than 2000 sq. mtrs. comprising of either residential flats or a cluster of flats and independent houses/villas, with basic amenities like parking, park, convenience shop, public utilities, etc.

Examples of Group Housing in a sentence

  • Common pool parking area (in the case of Group Housing Scheme / Cluster Housing / Row Housing Schemes).

  • House Mobile Home Transitional Accommodation Hospital Cottage Maisonette Tigín Institution Apartment Day House Bed and Breakfast Refuge Flat Group Housing Hostel Prison Caravan Halting Bay Sheltered Accommodation None/Other Description, e.g. semi detached, detached, terraced, bungalow, etc.

  • Ltd, Noida Uttar PradeshForm IAProject NameEnvironment Clearance for Expansion of Affordable Group Housing Colony “Happy Homes”ProjectProponentM/s Adore Realtech Pvt.

  • The Cooperative Group Housing Society must permit any person of the society to avail supply of electricity from the Distribution licensee directly.

  • For the purpose of calculation of sector density or colony density, it shall be assumed that 55 percent of the sector area or colony area will be available for residential plots including the area under Group Housing and that every building plot shall on the average contain three dwelling units each with a population of 4.5 persons per dwelling unit or 13.5 persons per building plot or as incorporated in the zoning plan of the colony/group housing complex.

More Definitions of Group Housing

Group Housing means apartments or multi-storeyed housing with more than 4 (four) building blocks in a plot where land is owned jointly and the construction is undertaken by a single agency;
Group Housing means a group of houses for dwelling purposes and may comprise all or any of the following, namely: (i) a dwelling unit; (ii) open spaces intended for recreation and ventilation; (iii) roads, paths, sewers, drains, water-supply and ancillary installations, street lighting and other amenities; or (iv) convenient shopping place, schools, community hall or other amenities for common use;
Group Housing means a building unit constructed or to be constructed with one or more floors having more than two dwelling units having common service facilities where land is owned jointly (as in the case of co-operative societies or the public agencies, such as local authorities or housing boards, etc) and the construction is undertaken by one Agency;
Group Housing means a building designed and developed in the form of flats for residential purpose or any building ancillary to group housing;
Group Housing means more than two buildings on a plot with one or more floors and with one or more dwelling units in each floor. They are connected by an access of not less than 3.5m in width, if they are not approachable directly from the road.
Group Housing means two or more separate horizontal multiple attached dwellings located on the same lot;
Group Housing means a building having five or more multiple dwelling units/apartments and common services on a given site or plot, in single or multiple blocks each building containing two or more apartments or with total of five or more units/apartments, without customary sub-division of land by way of individual plots.