HIS Affiliates definition

HIS Affiliates means HIS and its officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, licensors and shareholders.

Related to HIS Affiliates

  • Affiliates means, with respect to the Contractor, any of its corporate affiliates or associates, including parent entities, subsidiaries, and other entities in which it owns a substantial interest.

  • Related Companies means the companies within the meaning of Article L. 225-197-2 of the French Commercial Code or any provision substituted for same.

  • Affiliated Companies shall include any company controlled by, controlling or under common control with the Company.

  • Employees Stock Option” means the option given to the directors, officers or employees of a company or of its holding company or subsidiary company or companies, if any, which gives such directors, officers or employees, the benefit or right to purchase, or to subscribe for, the shares of the company at a future date at a pre-determined price.

  • Related Entities means contractors and subcontractors of a Party at any tier; grantees, investigators, customers, and users of a Party at any tier and their contractors or subcontractor at any tier; or, employees of the Party or any of the foregoing.

  • Subsidiaries means any corporation or other organization, whether incorporated or unincorporated, in which the Company owns, directly or indirectly, any equity or other ownership interest.