Guaranties definition

Guaranties by any Person shall mean all obligations (other than endorsements in the ordinary course of business of negotiable instruments for deposit or collection) of such Person guaranteeing or in effect, guaranteeing any Indebtedness, dividend or other obligation, of any other Person (the "primary obligor") in any manner, whether directly or indirectly, including, without limitation, all obligations incurred through an agreement, contingent or otherwise, by such Person: (a) to purchase such Indebtedness or obligation or any Property or assets constituting security therefor, (b) to advance or supply funds (1) for the purchase or payment of such Indebtedness or obligation, (2) to maintain working capital or other balance sheet condition or, otherwise to advance or make available funds for the purchase or payment of such Indebtedness or obligation, or (c) to lease Property or to purchase Securities or other Property or services primarily for the purpose of assuring the owner of such Indebtedness or obligation of the ability of the primary obligor to make payment of the Indebtedness or obligation, or (d) otherwise to assure the owner of the Indebtedness or obligation of the primary obligor against loss in respect thereof. For the purposes of all computations made under this Agreement, a Guaranty in respect of any Indebtedness for borrowed money shall be deemed to be Indebtedness equal to the principal amount of such Indebtedness for borrowed money which has been guaranteed, and a Guaranty in respect of any other obligation or liability or any dividend shall be deemed to be Indebtedness equal to the maximum aggregate amount of such obligation, liability or dividend.

Examples of Guaranties in a sentence

The Obligations of each Qualified Borrower in connection with each Letter of Credit issued hereunder shall be evidenced by a letter of credit note in the form of Exhibit M attached hereto (the “Qualified Borrower Letter of Credit Note”), the payment of which is guaranteed by the applicable Borrower pursuant to the Borrower Guaranties, as such note may be amended, restated, reissued, extended or modified.

Each Lender Party recognizes and agrees that the Administrative Agent shall not be required to determine independently whether the conditions described in Sections 6.2(a) or 6.2(b) have been satisfied and, when the Administrative Agent disburses funds to any Borrowers or the Letter of Credit Issuer causes Letters of Credit to be issued or accepts any Qualified Borrower Guaranties, the Administrative Agent may rely fully upon statements contained in the relevant requests by a Borrower Party.

More Definitions of Guaranties

Guaranties each is defined in Section 4.1 hereof.
Guaranties means the Parent Guaranty and the Subsidiary Guaranties, and “Guaranty” means any one of the Guaranties.
Guaranties means all such guaranties collectively.