NGO definition

NGO means non-governmental organization which receives the food aid to be surveyed.

Examples of NGO in a sentence

This includes the rights to practice specific culture and the rights to means of livelihoods, NGO Forum on Cambodia.

In 1997, members of the “Natural Resource and Environment Conservation Club” got acquainted with the Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU), an international NGO affiliated with Chiang Mai University.

The NGO supported the establishment of a community-based tree nursery to produce tree seedlings from local species for reforest- ation purposes.

Yet local researchers and national NGO staff are likely to take on the function of intermediaries, and funding could be provided by national research and development organizations.Another major challenge is the issue of scaling up such initiatives, i.e. how to com- bine the quality and depth of localized multi-stakeholder partnerships towards integrated watershed management with the need to reach higher levels of decision-making and address wider regional problems.

The Casas Primeiro team can connect the Housing First service users to other services, such as education services provided by AEIPS, the NGO running Housing First.

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