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Gene. The IGF1 gene is located on chromosome 12 and spans 7.3 kb encoding a 70 amino acid residue protein. It contains 6 exons, 4 of which are alternatively spliced depending on tissue type and hormonal environment. The IGF1 coding region is flanked by sequences encoding an amino-terminal peptide of at least 25 residues and a carboxyl-terminal peptide of 35 amino acids which indicates that IGF1 is synthesized as a precursor protein that undergoes proteolytic processing at both ends before being secreted. [**] Animal models: A rat model is available with CIMA and has been used for proof of concept studies. A number of other small animal models have been described (Liu et al., 2013).
Gene means a structural gene, including optionally regulatory sequences therefor, including, without limitation, promoters, enhancers and downstream regulatory elements.
Gene means the General Rules 2005.general insurance businessmeans insurance business in relation to general insurance contracts.general insurance contractmeans a contract of insurance that is a General Insurance Contract under the Financial Services Regulations, schedule 3, part 3, paragraph 10.3.Governing BodyThe board of Directors, committee of management or other governing body of an Authorised Firm.government or public securitymeans a debt instrument issued by or on behalf of—(a) a jurisdiction; or(b) a public, regional or local authority of ajurisdiction.Gross Written Premium(1) In relation to a Contract of Insurance, the amount of premium payable by the insured in respect of that contract, excluding any excise taxes levied on premiums and receivable by the Insurer but without any deduction for commissions or other acquisition expenses; and(2) in relation to an Insurer during a period:(A) in respect of General Insurance Business, the aggregate amount of Gross Written Premium in respect of insurance and reinsurance contracts entered into by the Insurer as Insurer during that period, together with any adjustments arising in that period in respect of contracts effected in previous periods; and(B) in respect of Long Term Insurance Business, the aggregate amount of Gross Written Premium becoming due for payment in thatperiod.GroupWith respect to an Entity:(A) that Entity;(B) any Parent Entity of the Entity; and(C) any Subsidiary (direct or indirect) of that Entity or of any Parent Entity of that Entity.Group RiskThe risk of loss to the Authorised Firm as a result of its membership of, or linkages within a Group.

Examples of Gene in a sentence

Gene set enrichment analysis: a knowledge-based approach for interpreting genome-wide expression profiles.

Objective measurements of daily physical activity patterns and sedentary behaviour in older adults: age, Gene/ Environment Susceptibility-Reykjavik Study.

Genes were assigned to gene sets using the Gene Ontology (Ashburner, et al., 2000) Biological Process (GO-BP) hierarchy, filtered to those terms with gene set size between 15-500 genes, with subsumption to maximize interpretability.

We downloaded 7 estrogen-stimulated and 7 unstimulated MCF7 breast cancer cells sample replicates provided by (Liu, et al., 2014) that were from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) (Edgar, et al., 2002) on 10/14/2020.

We obtained 5,179 gene sets from Gene Ontology Biological Processes (GO-BP) (downloaded on 02/07/2019).

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Gene the AGXT gene maps onto chromosome 2q36-q37, has a 10 kb coding sequence and contains 11 exons generating a 392-residue protein. [**] Animal models: Small animal models already exist and have been used for pre-clinical proof of concept studies.
Gene means a DNA sequence contained in the genome of a sexually viable cotton plant.
Gene means a polynucleotide sequence which can be transcribed into RNA and generally encodes a protein, optionally together with its regulatory sequences.
Gene. The gene of factor VIII is located on the long arm of the X chromosome. It spans over 180 kb, and as such is one of the largest genes known. It comprises of 26 exons, which encode a polypeptide chain of 2351 amino acids including a signal peptide of 19 and a mature protein of 2332 amino acids. It is a secreted protein. Its primary structure, deduced from the cloned factor VIII cDNA, includes discrete domain structure: A1-a1-A2-a2-B-a3-A3-C1-C26-8. The B domain is unique in that it exhibits no significant homology with any other known protein and can be deleted with the resulting recombinant protein displaying essentially normal survival in circulation and able to correct the bleeding tendency in HA patients. [**]
Gene shall refer to a nucleic acid sequence encoding a distinct messenger RNA and protein as well as polymorphic variants of such sequence, provided that such polymorphic variants must have at least 99.9% homology with the underlying gene.
Gene means a contiguous DNA sequence that is transcribed [***].
Gene means an unit of heredity or a segment of genetic material that defines specific characteristics of an organism.