Fresh definition

Fresh means unprocessed and unfrozen, regardless of whether the fish or shellfish are in the round, cleaned, or packaged for retail sale.
Fresh means the majority of the wildlife carcass or part is not exposed dry bone and is comprised mainly of hair, hide, or flesh.
Fresh means fish or shellfish that are refrigerated, iced, salted, or surface glazed.

Examples of Fresh in a sentence

  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP)– SFA procedures to ensure proper use of Federal funds to operate the FFVP.

  • Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality.

  • It was established as such by the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council (predecessor to the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality or “COJ”) who procured, by virtue of the provisions of section 17D of the Promotion of Local Government Affairs Act (91 of 1983) the formation, registration and incorporation of its fresh produce market as the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market (SOC) Limited in terms of the Companies Act, with the COJ as its sole shareholder.

  • Fresh Bid may be called from eligible bidders for any additional item(s) of work not mentioned herein, if so required.

  • The College District’s grading system shall apply to all courses: A (90-100) - Excellent B (80-89) - Good C (70-79) - Average D (60-69) - Poor F (Below 60) - Failure I Incomplete Q Dropped W Dropped Due to Good Cause or Withdrawal from College CR Credit P Pass NP Not Passing FS Academic Fresh Start I - Incomplete: indicates that the coursework was incomplete because of serious illness or other justified emergency.

More Definitions of Fresh

Fresh means the cheese or related dairy product (except Asiago Fresh Cheese) was: (i) made from pasteurized milk; (ii) not required to be aged by the standard of identity for the specific cheese product; (iii) not held longer than five days prior to being offered for sale; and (iv) never frozen or stored at temperatures below 35°F.
Fresh means bulking agents of plant origin that have not been mixed with any animal tissue, product, or excrement and have limited odor-producing potential.
Fresh means that the mustard or turnip leaves are not more than slightly wilted.
Fresh for purposes of describing the owner’s milk product means being received in a liquid state from the Agister and having a storage life a minimum of 7 days in a refrigerated container 33○F to 36○F.
Fresh means that the leaves are not more than slightly wilted.
Fresh means uncooked, unprocessed and not preserved by the addition of any other ingredient;
Fresh means turgid, firm and bright;