Dairy product definition

Dairy product means any product derived from raw or pasteurized milk.
Dairy product means the dairy product contracted to be supplied by a Seller to a Buyer on the terms of a Contract.
Dairy product means processed products resulting from the processing of raw milk or from the further processing of such processed products

Examples of Dairy product in a sentence

  • Purchase type Merchant Categories Groceries Grocery Stores; Freezer and Locker Meat Provisioners; Candy Stores; Dairy Product Stores; Bakeries; Misc.

  • The parties agree and acknowledge that the payment and remittance of the Dairy Product Price is governed by the Payment Policy.

  • On each Pickup Date, the Seller must transfer to the Buyer the Dairy Product in accordance with the terms of this Contract and the Buyer will pay the relevant Dairy Product Price to the Seller in accordance with clause 10.

  • The title to and risk in the Dairy Product transfers to the Buyer upon Collection of the Dairy Product.

  • U.S. Dairy Product refers to the U.S. fluid milk products and/or other U.S. dairy products that the seal will be placed on.

More Definitions of Dairy product

Dairy product means butter, natural or processed cheese, dry whole milk, nonfat dry milk, dry buttermilk, dry whey, evaporated whole or skim milk, condensed whole milk and condensed plain or sweetened skim milk.
Dairy product means all of the following:
Dairy product means a primary dairy product, a composite dairy product or a modified dairy product;
Dairy product means a product for human consumption which is derived from the processing of milk from cows. The term includes a milk product normally consumed in liquid form as a beverage.
Dairy product means dairy products that as of September 20, 2001, are identified in 21 C.F.R., chapter 1, parts 131, 133, and 135, including by-products from the manufacturing of the dairy products such as whey and casein.
Dairy product means any product defined as a dairy product in s. 97.20 (1) (b) 1. to 5.,
Dairy product means a primary dairy product, a composite dairy product or a modified dairy product as defined in the Regulations on Dairy Products and Imitation Dairy Products; R. 1510 of 22 November 2019 made under the Agricultural Product Standards Act;