(f) definition

(f)  means degrees Fahrenheit.
(f) . Frequency Assignment’ means the same as ‘Fre- quency Assignment’ means in the 1976 Edition of the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommuni- cations Union (ISBN 92–61–0081–5).
(f)  means that there is no timeout

More Definitions of (f)

(f) . Electronic surveillance’ means—
(f) . Commissioner Director’ means the Commissioner Director of the Department of Behavioral and Public Health and Environmental Control.
(f) . Tax forfeited’ shall mean an allotment which, pursuant to State law, was declared forfeited for nonpayment of real property taxes and purportedly transferred directly to the State of Minnesota or to private parties or governmental entities.
(f)  maker” means the person, established in the Union, on whose behalf the making of a product, or a medicinal product containing that product, for the purpose of export to third countries or for the purpose of storing, is carried out;’;