(j) definition

(j) . PERSON" means any "person" within the meaning of Sections 13(d) and 14(d) of the Exchange Act.
(j)  self-determination contract’ means a contract
(j)  computer network” means the inter-connection of one or more computers or computer systems or communication device through—

Examples of (j) in a sentence

  • Gradient Computation by reverse-mode AD: Compute v = w J , where J is the Jacobian of T (x), k = 1, ·· · , p.TT kkkPk xxk• Set ∇f (x) ←pk=1 vk.

  • Journal of Marriage and the Family, 58, 597-605.Freeman, C., Carlson, J., & Sperry, L.

  • Applicant must confirm it can provide certain detailed documentation, as defined by Covered California in the NOD 23 Gross to Network Report as specified in Appendix I -CCSB_820_Companion_Guide_v1.1and Appendix J - CCSB NOD 23 Glossary of Terms and Template.

  • The J & R Model Parameter Calibration for IndiaThis paper calibrated the model specifically for India by taking some parameters’ values directly from J&R’s paper while estimating the remaining parameters econometrically.

  • Fosha, Diana, Siegel, Daniel J., & Solomon, Marion F., (eds.) (2009).

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(j)  authorised representative” means any natural or legal person established in the Community who, explicitly designated by the manufacturer, acts and may be addressed by authorities and bodies in the Community instead of the manufacturer with regard to the latter’s obligations under this Directive;’
(j) . Capital Account’ means, for each year of the
(j)  self-determination contract’ means a contract entered into under title I (or a grant or cooperative agreement used under section 9) between a Tribal organization and the appropriate Sec- retary for the planning, conduct, and administration of programs or services that are otherwise provided to Indian Tribes and mem- bers of Indian Tribes pursuant to Federal law, subject to the condi- tion that, except as provided in section 105(a)(3), no contract entered
(j) . Capital Account' means, for each year of the Compact, those portions of the total grant assistance provided in Article I of Title Two, adjusted by Section 217, which are to be obligated for:
(j) . Driver’ means any person, whether wage-earning or not, who drives the vehicle even for a short period, or who is carried on a vehicle as part of his duties in order to be available for driving if necessary;”
(j)  services” means service of any description which is made available to potential users and includes all the tradable services specified under the General Agreement on Trade in Services entered into amongst India and other countries who are party to the said Agreement: