(n) definition

(n)  option means to not actually do the update, but merely to display statuses; the ‘-q’ option avoids printing the name of each directory. For more information on the update command, and these options, see Appendix B [Invoking CVS], page 123.
(n)  workman' means any persons who is engaged as an apprentice as defined in the Apprentices Act, 1961, and who in the course of his apprenticeship training is employed in any such capacity as is specified in Schedule II",
(n)  young farmer" means a person who is no more than 40 years of age at the moment of submitting the application, possesses adequate occupational skills and competence and is setting up for the first time in an agricultural holding as head of that holding; setting up may be done solely or jointly with other farmers;"

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(n) . Group II Participants” shall mean those management-level staff members of the Company, Amgen USA Inc., and Amgen Worldwide Services, Inc., Immunex Corporation, Immunex Manufacturing Corporation, Immunex Rhode Island Corporation, Amgen SF, LLC, and Amgen Fremont, Inc. at Job Level 8 or equivalent and above and who are not Group I Participants, as such group shall be constituted immediately prior to a Change of Control. At or before the occurrence of a Change of Control, the Company shall notify the Group II Participants in writing of their status as Participants in the Plan.”
(n) . Break’ means any period during which a driver may not carry out any driving or any other work and which is used exclusively for recuperation;
(n)  in addition to the grade means that this circuit is also homologated for night races for motorcycles not equipped with lights. A small “t” attached to the grade means that this circuit is homologated for TESTS only. The grade will be stated on the circuit licence.
(n) . Pension Fund” means the pension fund established by OFID under its internal regulations;
(n) . Motor cycle" means any two-wheeled vehicle, with or without a side-car, which is equipped with a propelling engine. Three-wheeled vehicles whose unladen mass does not exceed 400 kg shall be treated as motorcycles. with a maximum design speed of more than 45 km/h and/or an engine having a cylinder capacity of more than 50 cm3 if of the internal combustion type,[ and/or a maximum continuous rated power of more than 4 kW in the case of an electric motor.]
(n) . Qualified organization’ means an entity that:]