(iii) definition

(iii)  shall have the meaning assigned in the preamble to this Agreement.

Examples of (iii) in a sentence

  • Information required to enable the Procuring Entity determine if this condition is met shall be provided in for this purpose is be provided in “SECTION III - EVALUATION AND QUALIFICATION CRITERIA, Item 9”.

  • Type plan of Type II, III & IV quarters be got approved from Indian Green Building Council to have green building Railway Board’s Order : WSC’s recommendations accepted except (3).

  • Impact of Social Protection ProgrammesThis section of the paper will provide empirical evidence , albeit limited, on the impact and performance of the social protection program mes, with data derived primarily from the nationally representative household survey, the Nepal Living Standards Survey III (NLSS III) , and other relevant literature .

  • The procedures for making Procurement-related Complaints shall be specified in the TDS.SECTION III - TENDER DATA SHEET (TDS)The following specific data for the Works and Services to be procured shall complement, supplement, or amend the provisions in the Instructions to Tenderers (ITT).

  • Scoring will be based on responses to questions provided in Section IV - Evaluation Questions of the Work Order, responses related to staff experience / qualifications in Section VI - Staff Experience and References, and cost forms in Section III - PSI Work Order #4 Cost Form.

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(iii)  means International Insurance Investors, L.P., a Bermuda limited partnership.
(iii) . Montreal Convention" means the Convention for the unification of certain rules for international carriage by air signed at Montreal on the 28th day of May, 1999;
(iii) . Crime of violence’ means any of the following offenses under federal, state, or local law: murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, aggravated assault, forcible sex offenses (including where consent to the conduct is not given or is not legally valid, such as where consent to the conduct is involuntary, incompetent, or coerced), statutory rape, sexual abuse of a minor, robbery, arson, extortion, extortionate extension of credit, burglary of a dwelling, or any other offense under federal, state, or local law that has as an element the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against the person of another.";
(iii) . UCC" means the New York UCC and the Delaware UCC, as applicable; (iv) "Federal Book-Entry Regulations" means the United States Department of the Treasury's regulations governing the transfer and pledge of marketable securities issued by the U.S. Treasury and maintained in the form of entries in the TRADES book-entry system in the records of the federal reserve banks and set forth in 61 Fed. Reg. 43626 (1996) (codified at 31 C.F.R. Part 357), and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development's regulations governing the transfer and pledge of securities issued by the Federal National Mortgage Association ("FNMA") or the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation ("FHLMC") in each case maintained in the form of entries in the records of federal reserve banks and set forth in 62 Fed. Reg. 28975 (1996) (codified at 24 C.F.R. Part 81); (v) "Securities Intermediary" means Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Trust Company, solely in its capacity as a "securities intermediary" as defined in the UCC; and (vi) "Securities Accounts" means account numbers 26024578, 26024586, 26024594, 26024608, 26024616, 26024624, 26020000 xxx 20000000 established at the Securities Intermediary which we have been informed are, respectively, the Collection Account, the Note Payment Account, the Payahead Account, the Reserve Account, the Yield Supplement Account, the Pre-Funding Account, the Reinvestment Account and the Negative Carry Account established pursuant to the Sale and Servicing Agreement, to the extent such accounts are subject to Article 8 or 9 of the UCC or the Federal Book-Entry Regulations. We express no opinion as to the laws of any jurisdiction other than (i) the UCC, (ii) for purposes of opinion paragraphs 9 and 10, the Delaware Business Trust Act, and (iii) with respect to opinion paragraphs 13 and 14, the Federal Book-Entry Regulations. Based upon the foregoing and subject to the limitations, qualifications, exceptions and assumptions set forth herein, we are of the opinion that:
(iii)  dangerous goods’ means the commodities, substances and goods that are capable of posing a significant risk to health and safety or to property or the environment that are listed in the appropriate standard specification of the South African Bureau of Standards [SABS 0228 ‘‘The] for the identification and classifi- 10 cation of dangerous substances and goods[’’];’’;
(iii) . Excluded stock" means stock acquired