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(r)  means the lawful currency of Brazil.
(r)  non-commercial carriage' means any carriage by road, other than carriage for hire or reward or for own account, for which no direct or indirect remuneration is received and which does not directly or indirectly generate any income. for the driver of the vehicle or others and where there is no link with professional or commercial activity;"
(r)  mean the lawful currency of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

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  • Good agreement is observed when using the CT10, NNPDF2.1 and MSTW 2008 PDF sets for the theoretical predictions with values of the jet radius parameter R = 0.4 and R = 0.6. Disagreement is observed in some ranges of dijet mass and y∗ when using the HERAPDF1.5 PDF set, for both values of the jet radius parameter.

  • Non-perturbative corrections (ratio of particle-level cross-sections to parton-level cross- sections) obtained using various MC generators and tunes are shown in (a), for the differential dijet cross-sections as a function of dijet mass in the range 1.0 ≤ y∗ < 1.5 with values of jet radius parameter R = 0.4 and R = 0.6. Uncertainties are taken as the envelope of the various curves.

  • Because events are triggered using R = 0.4 jets, the pT at which calibrated R = 0.6 jets become fully efficient is significantly higher than that for calibrated R = 0.4 jets.

  • The results using the ABM11 PDF set also show observed p-values of less than 5%, for the range 2.0 ≤ y∗ < 2.5 for jets with radius parameter R = 0.4, and 1.5 ≤ y∗ < 2.0 for R = 0.6 jets.d2σ/dm12dy * [pb/TeV]1010107 10410 10-210-510-810-1110-1410-17 ATLASy * < 0.5 (×100-0)0.5 ≤ y * < 1.0 (×10-3 )1.0 ≤ y * < 1.5 (×10-60)1.5 ≤ y * < 2.0 (×10-90)2.0 ≤ y * < 2.5 (×10-12)2.5 ≤ y * < 3.0 (×10-15)∫L dt = 4.5 fb-1s = 7 TeVanti-k t jets, R = 0.4 Systematic uncertaintiesNLOJET++TNon-pert.

  • The tube radius is R = 1.25 mm.As for a longer liquid column of Lc = 30 mm, we achieved good quantitative agreement with the experimental results, as shown in Figure 3b.

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(r)  or “BRL” shall refer to the lawful currency of Brazil.
(r)  means the lawful money of Brazil.
(r)  postal ballot” means a postal ballot as provided for under Rule 22 of the Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014 made under the Companies Act, 2013.”
(r)  means the hourly rate of payment for actual teaching time performed to the nearest quarter hour; and • ‘S’ means the annual salary of the teacher; and • ‘52’ is the number of weeks in a year; and • ‘31.5’ is the number of working hours in a teaching week, reduced from 35 to compensate for the necessary incidental work including preparation related to classes taught in the hours of duty in excess of normal hours of duty; and • ‘PR’ = 3/2 for Monday to Saturday; and • ‘PR’ = 2 for public holidays and Sundays.
(r)  postal ballot” means a postal ballot as provided for under the Companies (Passing of the Resolution by Postal Ballot) Rules, 2001 made under the Companies Act, 1956 (1 of 1956)”
(r) . Sexual orientation’ means homosexuality, het-