Executable Code definition

Executable Code means the fully compiled version of a software program that can be executed by a computer and used by an end user without further compilation.
Executable Code means computer programming code in binary form suitable for machine execution by a processor without the intervening steps of interpretation or compilation.
Executable Code. The version of the Software which is generated by an assembler from the Object Code of the Software and which will be installed and operated on the Equipment.

Examples of Executable Code in a sentence

  • Representation of Algorithm: Flowchart/Pseudocode with examples.C Programming: Keywords, Variables and Data Types: basic, derived and user defined, Type Conversions, Header Files, Basic Input and Output Functions and Statements, Compilation, Syntax and Logical Errors in compilation, Object and Executable Code, Storage Classes, Arithmetic Expressions and Precedence.

  • SEC agrees that PSIP has transmitted to an Authorized SEC Facility one (1) copy of the Machine Executable Code and related standard documentation for each Authorized SEC Device identified herein.

  • Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics (IWBF), Lisbon, Portugal, 2013, pp.

  • Conditioned upon compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, HGS grants to Licensee a nonexclusive license to the Product in Executable Code form for Licensee’s internal business purposes, the Software and Documentation for which Licensee has paid the required license fees as set forth on the applicable purchase order or invoice from HGS or an authorized HGS licensor.

  • Except as otherwise permitted in this contract, State agrees not to: otherwise copy, display, transfer, adapt, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or distribute to any third party or lease the Third Party Software or any copy of it which is provided in Executable Code format.

More Definitions of Executable Code

Executable Code means Code that loads and executes without further processing by a software compiler or linker.
Executable Code means the machine readable version of the Product.
Executable Code. - means the compiled or interpreted machine readable program code executed by a computer to perform the functions of the Software.
Executable Code means a series of one or more machine-readable instructions executable after suitable processing by a computer or other programmable machine, without compilation or assembly.
Executable Code means the machine-executable (and non-linkable) version of the Licensed Software;
Executable Code means, with respect to software, computer programming code that loads and executes without further processing by a software compiler or linker or that results when a software compiler processes Source Code as a fully functional, executable version of the software; and for greater certainty materials that would meet the definition of Source Code but are reasonably made available and visible to users because they are interpreted and executed at load- or run-time by end user devices as part of industry standard practices (such as HTML, XML, CSS, and runtime scripting languages) are Executable Code and not Source Code;
Executable Code. (capitalized) means executable code of the System. Hereunder, herein, and similar terms refer to this Agreement.