QR Code definition

QR Code means a matrix barcode that links to information about a battery model;
QR Code means Quick Response code.
QR Code means a two-dimensional barcode that can be read using the camera of a smartphone or mobile device that is equipped with QR reader.

Examples of QR Code in a sentence

  • In case of offline verification of Aadhaar using XML file or Aadhaar Secure QR Code, it shall be ensured that the XML file or QR code generation date is not older than 3 days from the date of carrying out V-CIP.

  • The use of the QR Code Services on a jail broken or rooted device may compromise security and lead to fraudulent transactions.

  • Updates to the QR Code Services may be issued periodically through the supplying app store for the App.

  • The QR Code Services are provided on an “as is” basis with no representation, guarantee or agreement of any kind as to their functionality.

  • Depending on the update, you may not be able to use the QR Code Services until the latest version has been downloaded.

More Definitions of QR Code

QR Code means a machine-readable matrix code that links to information as required by this Regulation;
QR Code means the your unique SGQR quick response code registered under the Scheme;
QR Code means a Quick Response Code generated to enable the Merchant to process Transactions. It is a machine-readable code consisting of either an array of black and white squares or a linked numeric code, typically used for storing URLs or other information. The QR Code can be a Static QR Code or a Dynamic QR Code:
QR Code means a quick response machine-readable code that can be read by a camera, consisting of an array of black and white squares used for storing information or directing or leading a user to product information regarding manufacturer data and accredited laboratory certificates of analysis.
QR Code means a “Quick-Response” code consisting of black and white squares storing information readable either by (i) the camera of a mobile device containing the TNGD mobile wallet app; and (ii) a QR Code scanner or terminal for the purposes of facilitating the TNGD Mobile Payment Service;.
QR Code means ‘Quick Response’ code. A machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.
QR Code means Quick Response Code, a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) that is generated for Merchant to accept FavePay transactions from Customer.