Definition of Excluded Company

Excluded Company means any of the following three (3) companies or their Affiliates who compete with ATMI in the Wets Processing markets: [*], and [*].

Excluded Company means a company which--

Excluded Company means Nikko Securities Global Holdings Ltd., The Nikko Merchant Bank (S) Ltd., Nikko Europe plc, Nikko Italia Societa di Intermediazione Mobiliare S.p.A., NKB Realisations Plc and any additional companies excluded pursuant to Section 4.2(d).

Examples of Excluded Company in a sentence

Each Excluded Company Share shall, by virtue of the Merger and without any action on the part of the holder thereof, no longer be outstanding, shall be cancelled and retired without payment of any consideration therefor and shall cease to exist.
Subject to compliance with applicable Law, the Excluded Company Shares may be sold or otherwise disposed of by a Non-Participating Holder so long as no Transaction Transfer Restriction period is in effect.
Each Company Share that is an Excluded Company Share shall be cancelled and shall cease to exist, with no consideration paid in exchange therefor.
Company satisfies all requirements set forth in the Iridium Credit Agreement to be an Excluded Company (i.e., it is not required to become an Obligor under the Iridium Credit Agreement).
A) Elections pursuant to Section 4.2(b)(ii) shall be made on a form (a "Form of Election") to be provided by the Exchange Agent for that purpose to holders of record of Company Shares (other than (1) any Company Shares represented by the Company RSUs, the Company PUAs and Company Other Awards that are outstanding immediately prior to the Effective Time, all of which shall be treated solely as provided in Section 4.5 and (2) Excluded Company Shares), together with appropriate transmittal materials.